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Top Secret Canada

Understanding the Canadian Intelligence and National Security Community

edited by Stephanie Carvin, Thomas Juneau & Craig Forcese

A People and a Nation

New Directions in Contemporary Métis Studies

edited by Jennifer Adese & Chris Andersen

Rising Up

The Fight for Living Wage Work in Canada

edited by Bryan Evans, Carlo Fanelli & Tom McDowell

Questions of Order

Confederation and the Making of Modern Canada

by (author) Peter Price

Take a Number

How Citizens' Encounters with Government Shape Political Engagement

by (author) Elisabeth Gidengil

The Canadian Federal Election of 2019

edited by Jon H. Pammett & Christopher Dornan

Road to Redemption

The Liberal Party of Canada, 2006-2019

by (author) Brooke Jeffrey


Party Discipline in Canada

by (author) Alex Marland


Colonialism, Resources, and the Histories We Remember

by (author) Adele Perry

Ours by Every Law of Right and Justice

Women and the Vote in the Prairie Provinces

by (author) Sarah Carter

Canadian Foreign Policy

Reflections on a Field in Transition

edited by Brian Bow & Andrea Lane

The Unexpected Louis St-Laurent

Politics and Policies for a Modern Canada

edited by Patrice Dutil

Warrior Life

Indigenous Resistance and Resurgence

by (author) Pamela Palmater

Digital Politics in Canada

Promises and Realities

edited by Tamara Small & Harold Jansen

How Government Really Works

A field guide to bureaucracies in Canada

by (author) Jane Allt & Angela Poirier

Smart Cities in Canada: Digital Dreams, Corporate Designs

Independent experts analyze often-controversial schemes from Nunavut to Montreal to Toronto's failed Sidewalk Labs waterfront scheme

by (author) Mariana Valverde
edited by Alexandra Flynn

International Education as Public Policy in Canada

edited by Merli Tamtik, Roopa Desai Trilokekar & Glen A. Jones

Planet Canada

How Our Expats Are Shaping the Future

by (author) John Stackhouse

At the Pleasure of the Crown

The Politics of Bureaucratic Appointments

by (author) Christopher A. Cooper

Big Moves

Global Agendas, Local Aspirations, and Urban Mobility in Canada

by (author) Anthony Perl, Matt Hern & Jeffrey Kenworthy

Gardeners vs. Designers

Understanding the Great Fault Line in Canadian Politics

by (author) Brian Lee Crowley

Canadian Federalism and Its Future

Actors and Institutions

edited by Alain-G Gagnon & Johanne Poirier

Moment of Truth

How to Think About Alberta's Future

edited by Jack M. Mintz, Tom Flanagan & Ted Morton

Canadian Politics, Seventh Edition

edited by James Bickerton & Alain-G Gagnon

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