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What Women Represent

The Impact of Women in Parliament

by (author) Erica Rayment

Justin Trudeau on the Ropes

Governing in Troubled Times

by (author) Paul Wells

Friends and Enemies

Essays in Canada's Foreign Relations

by (author) J.L. Granatstein

Canada vs California

How Ottawa took on Netflix and the streaming giants

by (author) Howard Law

Counting Matters

Policy, Practice, and the Limits of Gender Equality Measurement in Canada

edited by Christina Gabriel & L. Pauline Rankin

Gender-Based Violence in Canadian Politics in the #MeToo Era

edited by Tracey Raney & Cheryl N. Collier

Health for All

A Doctor's Prescription for a Healthier Canada

by (author) Jane Philpott

The Notwithstanding Clause and the Canadian Charter

Rights, Reforms, and Controversies

edited by Peter L. Biro


Canada's Potash Legacy

by (author) Eric Cline

Political Engagement in Canadian City Elections

edited by R. Michael McGregor & Laura B. Stephenson

Understanding American Politics, Third Edition

by (author) Stephen Brooks, Donald E. Abelson & Melissa Haussman

Fiscal Choices

Canada after the Pandemic

by (author) Michael M. Atkinson & Haizhen Mou

Ideology in Canadian Municipal Politics

by (author) Jack Lucas

Two Cheers for Minority Government

The Evolution of Canadian Parliamentary Democracy, Second Edition

by (author) Peter Russell


Jason Kenney's Pursuit of Power

by (author) Jeremy Appel

Indigenous Peoples and the Future of Federalism

edited by Amy Swiffen & Joshua Nichols

Fiscal Federalism in Canada

Analysis, Evaluation, Prescription

edited by André Lecours, Daniel Béland, Trevor Tombe & Éric Champagne

Eroding a Way of Life

Neoliberalism and the Family Farm

by (author) Murray Knuttila

Protecting the Prairies

Lorne Scott and the Politics of Conservation

by (author) Andrea Olive

Managing Federalism through Pandemic

edited by Kathy L. Brock & Geoffrey Hale

On the Wings of War and Peace

The RCAF during the Early Cold War

edited by Randall Wakelam, William March & Peter Rayls

Between Doom & Denial

Facing Facts about Climate Change

by (author) Andrew Leach

Canada Alone

Navigating the Post-American World

by (author) Kim Richard Nossal

Silent Partners

The Origins and Influence of Canada’s Military-Industrial Complex

edited by Alex Souchen & Matthew S. Wiseman

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