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Our Way Out

Principles for a Post-apocalyptic World

by (author) Marq de Villiers

Alternatives to Privatisation

Public Options for Essential Services in the Global South

edited by David A. McDonald & Greg Ruiters

Generation Us

The Challenge of Global Warming

by (author) Andrew Weaver

Comparative Environmental Politics

Theory, Practice, and Prospects

edited by Paul F. Steinberg & Stacy D. Vandeveer

Strong Hearts, Native Lands

Anti-Clearcutting Activism at Grassy Narrows First Nation

by (author) Anna Willow

Life, Fish and Mangroves

Resource Governance in Coastal Cambodia

by (author) Melissa Marschke

Blue-Green Province

The Environment and the Political Economy of Ontario

by (author) Mark S. Winfield

The Environmental Rights Revolution

A Global Study of Constitutions, Human Rights, and the Environment

by (author) David R. Boyd

Principles of Tsawalk

An Indigenous Approach to Global Crisis

by (author) Umeek /.E. Richard Atleo

Canadian Oceans Policy

National Strategies and the New Law of the Sea

edited by Don M. McRae & Gordon Munro

Sustainable Production

Building Canadian Capacity

edited by Glen Toner

Once Upon an Oldman

Special Interest Politics and the Oldman River Dam

by (author) Jack Glenn

In Search of Sustainability

British Columbia Forest Policy in the 1990s

by (author) Benjamin Cashore
edited by Michael Howlett, Jeremy Wilson, George Hoberg & Jeremy Rayner

The Culture of Flushing

A Social and Legal History of Sewage

by (author) Jamie Benidickson

Passing the Buck

Federalism and Canadian Environmental Policy

by (author) Kathryn Harrison

Canada and the Changing Arctic

Sovereignty, Security, and Stewardship

by (author) Franklyn Griffiths, P. Whitney Lackenbauer & Rob Huebert

Policies for Sustainably Managing Canada’s Forests

Tenure, Stumpage Fees, and Forest Practices

by (author) Martin K. Luckert, David Haley & George Hoberg

Offshore Petroleum Politics

Regulation and Risk in the Scotian Basin

by (author) Peter Clancy

Wet Prairie

People, Land, and Water in Agricultural Manitoba

by (author) Shannon Stunden Bower

Corporate Social Responsibility and the State

International Approaches to Forest Co-Regulation

by (author) Jane Lister

Reshaping Toronto's Waterfront

edited by Gene Desfor & Jennefer Laidley

The Tiger

A True Story of Vengeance and Survival

by (author) John Vaillant

Generation Us

The Challenge of Global Warming

by (author) Andrew J. Weaver

Critical Ecologies

The Frankfurt School and Contemporary Environmental Crises

edited by Andrew Biro

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