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Voluntary Initiatives

The New Politics of Corporate Greening

edited by Robert B. Gibson

The Myth of Green Marketing

Tending Our Goats at the Edge of Apocalypse

by (author) Toby Smith

The Myth of Green Marketing

Tending Our Goats at the Edge of Apocalypse

by (author) Toby Smith

The International Politics of Whaling

by (author) Peter J. Stoett

McLuhan’s Children

The Greenpeace Message and the Media

by (author) Stephen Dale

Managing Natural Resources in British Columbia

Markets, Regulations, and Sustainable Development

by (author) Anthony Scott
edited by John B. Robinson


A Debate on Wilderness

edited by Matt Bray & Ashley Thomson

The Decline of Deference

Canadian Value Change in Cross National Perspective

by (author) Neil Nevitte

Methods of Environmental Impact Assessment

edited by Peter Morris & Riki Therivel

Cloak of Green

The Links between Key Environmental Groups, Government and Big Business

by (author) Elaine Dewar

The Greening of Canada

Federal Institutions and Decisions

by (author) G. Bruce Doern & Thomas Conway

Risk and Responsibility

by (author) William Leiss & Christina Chociolko

Dangling Lines

The Fisheries Crisis and the Future of Coastal Communities: The Norwegian Experience

by (author) Svein Jentoft

Under Technology's Thumb

by (author) William Leiss

The Politics of Agricultural Policy-making in Canada

by (author) Grace Skogstad

Dirty Business

The Inside Story of the New Garbage Agglomerates

by (author) Harold Crooks

Energy and the Quality of Life

Understanding Energy Policy

by (author) Clifford Hooker, Robert MacDonald, Robert van Hulst & Peter Victor

Economic Analysis of Environmental Policies

by (author) Donald Dewees, C.K. Everson & William Sims

People in the Way

The Human Aspects of the Columbia River Project

by (author) James Wood Wilson

Economic Thinking and Pollution Problems

by (author) Douglas Auld

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