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Browse Books in Conservatism & Liberalism

Land and the Liberal Project

Canada’s Violent Expansion

by (author) Éléna Choquette

Justin Trudeau on the Ropes

Governing in Troubled Times

by (author) Paul Wells


Jason Kenney's Pursuit of Power

by (author) Jeremy Appel

Russian Liberalism

by (author) Paul Robinson

The Dead Center

Reflections on Liberalism and Democracy After the End of History

by (author) Luke Savage

The Petroleum Papers

Inside the Far-Right Conspiracy to Cover Up Climate Change

by (author) Geoff Dembicki

A Long Way to Paradise

A New History of British Columbia Politics

by (author) Robert A.J. McDonald


Populism, Polarization and Power in the New Saskatchewan

edited by JoAnn Jaffe, Patricia W. Elliott & Cora Sellers

Russian Conservatism

by (author) Paul Robinson


Restoring American Democracy

by (author) David Frum


Restoring American Democracy

by (author) David Frum

The Rise of Populism

The Munk Debates

by (author) Stephen K. Bannon & David Frum
edited by Rudyard Griffiths


Populism, Immigration, and the Future of White Majorities

by (author) Eric Kaufmann

Orange Chinook

Politics in the New Alberta

edited by Duane Bratt, Keith Brownsey, Richard Sutherland & David Taras

Politics of Survival

The Conservative Part of Canada, 1939-1945

by (author) J.L. Granatstein

Political Correctness

The Munk Debates

contributions by Michael Eric Dyson, Michelle Goldberg, Stephen Fry & Jordan Peterson
edited by Rudyard Griffiths

Pipe Dream

saying goodbye to the best place on earth

by (author) Michael McCarthy

Growing Pains

the future of democracy (and work)

by (author) Gwynne Dyer

Is This the End of the Liberal International Order?

The Munk Debate on Geopolitics

by (author) Niall Ferguson & Fareed Zakaria
edited by Rudyard Griffiths

Not My Party

The rise and fall of Canadian Tories, from Robert Stanfield to Stephen Harper

by (author) Tom McMillan

Wilhelm von Humboldt and German Liberalism

A Reassessment

by (author) John Roberts
introduction by Thomas Axworthy

The Battlefield of Ontario Politics

An Autobiography

by (author) Greg Sorbara

Conservatism in Canada

edited by James Farney & David Rayside

Fight the Right

A Manual for Surviving the Coming Conservative Apocalypse

by (author) Warren Kinsella

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