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Higher Expectations

How to Survive Academia, Make it Better for Others, and Transform the University

by (author) Roberta Hawkins & Leslie Kern

Law at Work

The Coercion and Co-option of the Working Class

by (author) Harry Glasbeek

Unjust Transition

The Future for Fossil Fuel Workers

edited by Emily Eaton, Andrew Stevens & Sean Tucker

Work Less

New Strategies for a Changing Workplace

by (author) Jon Peirce

Enduring Work

Experiences with Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program

by (author) Catherine E. Connelly

Enduring Work

Experiences with Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program

by (author) Catherine E. Connelly

Cleaning Up

Portuguese Women's Fight for Labour Rights in Toronto

by (author) Susana P. Miranda
with Franca Iacovetta

Mr. Block

The Subversive Comics and Writings of Ernest Riebe

edited by Graphic History Collective
with Paul Buhle & Iain McIntyre

Harvesting Freedom

The Life of a Migrant Worker in Canada

by (author) Gabriel Allahdua
with Edward Dunsworth

Lunch-Bucket Lives

Remaking the Workers’ City

edited by Craig Heron

A Train in the Night

The Tragedy of Lac-Mégantic

by (author) Anne-Marie Saint-Cerny
illustrated by Christian Quesnel
translated by W. Donald Wilson

Canadian Labour Policy and Politics

edited by John Peters & Don Wells

Class Warrior

The Selected Works of E. T. Kingsley

by (author) Eugene Thornton Kingsley
edited by Benjamin Isitt & Ravi Malhotra

Harvesting Labour

Tobacco and the Global Making of Canada's Agricultural Workforce

by (author) Edward Dunsworth

Code White

Sounding the Alarm on Violence against Health Care Workers

by (author) Margaret M. Keith & James T. Brophy

The Fire and the Ashes

Rekindling Democratic Socialism

by (author) Andrew Jackson

Bent out of Shape

Shame, Solidarity, and Women's Bodies at Work

by (author) Karen Messing

Making Film in Egypt

How Labor, Technology, and Mediation Shape the Industry

by (author) Chihab El Khachab

The Violence of Work

New Essays in Canadian and US Labour History

edited by Jeremy Milloy & Joan Sangster

À L’avant-garde du progrès

L’Institut professionnel de la fonction publique du Canada 1920–2020

by (author) Jason Russell
translated by Hélène Poulin

Corporate Cataclysm

Abitibi Power & Paper and the Collapse of the Newsprint Industry, 1912-1946

by (author) Barry E.C. Boothman

Leading Progress

The Professional Institute of the Public Service Canada 1920–2020

by (author) Jason Russell

Revolution at Point Zero

Housework, Reproduction, and Feminist Struggle

by (author) Silvia Federici

The Canadian Labour Movement

A Short History

by (author) Craig Heron
with Charles Smith

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