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Policy as Practice

A Guide for Music Educators

by (author) Patrick Schmidt

The Pop, Rock, and Soul Reader

Histories and Debates

by (author) David Brackett


edited by Steve Goodman, Toby Heys & Eleni Ikoniadou

Aspects of Music in Canada

by (author) Arnold Walter

This Too is Music

by (author) Rena Upitis

Analytical Essays on Music by Women Composers: Secular and Sacred Music to 1900

by (author) Laurel Parsons & Brenda Ravenscroft

Marching Mice

And Other Pieces

by (author) Linda Niamath

A Zoo For You

10 Animal Pieces

by (author) Linda Niamath

Soda Pop

And Other Delights

by (author) Linda Niamath

Wonderful Design

Glamour in the Hollywood Musical

by (author) Lloyd Whitesell

The Sound of a Superpower

Musical Americanism and the Cold War

by (author) Emily Abrams Ansari

Dawn of the DAW

The Studio as Musical Instrument

by (author) Adam Patrick Bell

Heart of All Music, The

Poems About Music and Musicians

by (author) Stanley Fefferman

Some Other Note

The Lost Songs of English Renaissance Comedy

by (author) Ross W. Duffin

Analytical Essays on Music by Women Composers

Concert Music, 1960-2000

edited by Laurel Parsons & Brenda Ravenscroft

Music at Hand

Instruments, Bodies, and Cognition

by (author) Jonathan De Souza

The Oxford Handbook of Interactive Audio

edited by Karen Collins, Bill Kapralos & Holly Tessler

A Heinrich Schutz Reader

Letters and Documents in Translation

by (author) Gregory Johnson

Music and the Broadcast Experience

Performance, Production, and Audiences

by (author) Christina Baade & James A. Deaville

The Oxford Handbook of Music and Virtuality

by (author) Sheila Whiteley & Shara Rambarran

Modern Moves

Dancing Race during the Ragtime and Jazz Eras

by (author) Danielle Robinson

Teaching Stravinsky

Nadia Boulanger and the Consecration of a Modernist Icon

by (author) Kimberly A. Francis

With Passionate Voice

Re-Creative Singing in Sixteenth-Century England and Italy

by (author) Robert Toft

Burning Daylight

by (author) Christine Fellows
illustrated by Alicia Smith

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