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White Album

by (author) Rishma Dunlop & Suzanne Northcott

Alan Cross Guide To Alternative Rock Volume 1

by (author) Alan Cross

Modal Counterpoint

Renaissance Style

by (author) Peter Schubert

Still Takin' Care of Business

The Randy Bachman Story

by (author) John Einarson
with Randy Bachman

Here For A Good Time

On the road with Trooper—Canada's legendary rock band

by (author) Ra McGuire

i'll tell you one damn thing and that's all i know

by (author) Jann Arden

Oscar Peterson

by (author) Alex Barris

Athena Sings

Wagner and the Greeks

by (author) M. Owen Lee

Christmas at Home With Rita MacNeil

Book with CD

by (author) Rita MacNeil
by (photographer) Warren Gordon

Making Music

by (author) Alex Barris & Ted Barruis

if i knew, don't you think I'd tell you

by (author) Jann Arden

Let's Dance

A Celebration of Ontario's Dance Halls and Summer Dance Pavilions

by (author) Peter Young

Great Russian Musicians

From Rubinstein to Richter

by (author) Ernst Zaltsberg

Miller Companion to Jazz in Canada, The

and Canadians in Jazz

illustrated by Mark Miller

World Musics in Context

by (author) Peter Fletcher

The Origins of Music

edited by Nils L. Wallin, Bjorn Merker & Steven Brown

Father Lee's Opera Quiz Book

by (author) M. Owen Lee

Opera Viva

The Canadian Opera Company The First Fifty Years

by (author) Ezra Schabas & Carl Morey

John Beckwith

Music Papers: Articles and Talks By a Canadian Composer 1964-1994

by (author) John Beckwith

Wagner: Terrible Man & His Truthful Art

by (author) M. Owen Lee

Such Melodious Racket

by (author) Mark Miller

Burgundian Court Song in the Time of Binchois

The Anonymous Chansons of El Escorial, MS V.III.24

by (author) Walter H. Kemp

Philosophical Perspectives on Music

by (author) Wayne D. Bowman

The Operas of Charles Gounod

by (author) Steven Huebner

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