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The Life and Death of Freedom of Expression

by (author) Richard Moon

Canada’s Surprising Constitution

Unexpected Interpretations of the Constitution Act, 1982

edited by Howard Kislowicz, Richard J. Moon & Kerri Anne Froc

Judging Sex Work

Bedford and the Attenuation of Rights

by (author) Colton Fehr

Indigenous Peoples and the Future of Federalism

edited by Amy Swiffen & Joshua Nichols

Sex, Sexuality, and the Constitution

Enshrining the Right to Sexual Autonomy in Japan

by (author) Shigenori Matsui

Legislating under the Charter

Parliament, Executive Power, and Rights

by (author) Emmett Macfarlane, Janet Hiebert & Anna Drake

Trade and Commerce

Canada's Economic Constitution

by (author) Malcolm Lavoie

A Written Constitution for Quebec?

edited by Richard Albert & Léonid Sirota

Constitutional Crossroads

Reflections on Charter Rights, Reconciliation, and Change

edited by Kate Puddister & Emmett Macfarlane

Controversies in the Common Law

Tracing the Contributions of Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin

edited by Vanessa Gruben, Graham Mayeda & Owen Rees

Cyber-Threats to Canadian Democracy

edited by Holly Ann Garnett & Michael Pal

Constitutionalizing Criminal Law

by (author) Colton Fehr

Religious Diversity in Canadian Public Schools

Rethinking the Role of Law

by (author) Dia Dabby

Canada's Deep Crown

Beyond Elizabeth II, The Crown's Continuing Canadian Complexion

by (author) David Smith, Christopher McCreery & Jonathan Shanks

The Daily Plebiscite

Federalism, Nationalism, and Canada

by (author) David Cameron
edited by Robert Vipond

Constitutional Pariah

Reference re Senate Reform and the Future of Parliament

by (author) Emmett Macfarlane

National Security Law, 2/e

by (author) Craig Forcese & Leah West

City, State

Constitutionalism and the Megacity

by (author) Ran Hirschl

Privacy in Peril

Hunter v Southam and the Drift from Reasonable Search Protections

by (author) Richard Jochelson & David Ireland

Flawed Precedent

The St. Catherine’s Case and Aboriginal Title

by (author) Kent McNeil

The Office of Lieutenant-Governor

A Study in Canadian Government and Politics

by (author) John Saywell

Civil Liberties and Canadian Federalism

by (author) Frank R. Scott

The Witenagemot in the Reign of Edward the Confessor

by (author) Tryggvi J. Oleson

The Arthur Papers

Volume 2 (Jan 1839-Mar 1840)

edited by Charles R. Sanderson

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