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Canada, A Country of Change

1867 to Present

by Graham Broad & Mathew Rankin
edition: eBook
  • age: 11 to 12
  • Grade: 6
tagged: arts & humanities, study & teaching, social science, north america, post-confederation (1867-)

Canada; A Country of Change (1867 to Present) explores the characters and events that have shaped Canada. Through Confederation, two world wars, Depression, and post-war prosperity, Canada has risen to become the free country we know today. In this book, your students will discover the exciting story that defines our nation. It includes:

  • Historic …

People and Stories of Canada to 1867

by Michele Visser-Wikkerink & E. Leigh Syms
edition: eBook
also available: Hardcover
  • age: 10 to 11
  • Grade: 5
tagged: arts & humanities, social science, pre-confederation (to 1867), study & teaching, north america, elementary

Take a look at life in Canada from very early times until 1867. The history of Canada is presented in exciting stories about different people and intriguing events, including wars, betrayals, and acts of heroism. To help make history come alive, People and Stories of Canada to 1867 includes: hundreds of vibrant illustrations, pictures, and historic …



The Runaway College

by David Sharpe
edition: Paperback
also available: eBook
tagged: study & teaching, non-classifiable

The fascinating story of Toronto’s experimental Rochdale College’s rise and fall, now reissued in a handsome A List edition.

Toronto’s Rochdale College began as an experiment in living and learning, and ended as a symbol of the flower-child sixties, a financial and social controversy. In his well-researched and entertaining account, David Shar …


A History of Victoria University

by Charles Bruce Sissons
edition: eBook
tagged: higher, study & teaching

THE first step towards the founding of Victoria University was taken in 1829 at the Conference of the Episcopal Methodist Church of Canada. It is here proposed in telling the story of the growth from small beginnings to depict the actors against the background of the social and political institutions of Canada which they never permitted themselves …


Who is the Historian?

by Nigel A. Raab
edition: Hardcover
tagged: study & teaching, reference, essays

Who is the historian? What do historians do? Where do their explorations take them? What is the impact of the digital age on historical research?

In an affable style, Nigel A. Raab answers these questions for those intrigued by the past. Each chapter describes a specific aspect of "doing history," beginning in the physical spaces of archives and lib …


A Poisoned Past

The Life and Times of Margarida de Portu, a Fourteenth-Century Accused Poisoner

by Steven Bednarski
edition: Hardcover
tagged: medieval, france, study & teaching

This is the story of Margarida de Portu, a fourteenth-century French medieval woman accused of poisoning her husband to death. As Bednarski points out, the story is important not so much for what it tells us about Margarida but for how it illuminates a past world. Through the depositions and accusations made in court, the reader learns much about m …

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