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The Republic of Venice

De magistratibus et republica Venetorum

by Gasparo Contarini, edited by Filippo Sabetti, translated by Amanda Murphy & Giuseppe Pezzini
edition: Paperback
also available: eBook Hardcover
tagged: renaissance, history & theory, italy

At a time when social scientists are increasingly focusing on the reasons why nations fail and democracies die, Filippo Sabetti turns to the opposite issue, asking instead why institutions endure. To do so, he presents Gasparo Contarini’s sixteenth-century description of the Republic of Venice to help modern readers understand what made Venice th …


The Correspondence of Erasmus

Letters 2940 to 3141, Volume 21

by Desiderius Erasmus, edited by James M. Estes, translated by Alexander Dalzell
tagged: renaissance, history, theology

This volume comprises Erasmus' correspondence during the final two years of his life, June 1534–August 1536. In the public sphere it was a time of dramatic events: the reconquest of the duchy Württemberg from its Austrian occupiers; the siege and destruction of the Anabaptist "kingdom" at Münster; Charles V's great victory at Tunis; and the res …


Picturing Punishment

The Spectacle and Material Afterlife of the Criminal Body in the Dutch Republic

by Anuradha Gobin
edition: Hardcover
tagged: renaissance, history, legal history, criminology

Picturing Punishment examines representations of criminal bodies as they moved in, through, and out of publicly accessible spaces in the city during punishment rituals in the seventeenth-century Dutch Republic. Once put to death, the criminal cadaver did not come to rest. Its movement through public spaces indicated the potent afterlife of the devi …



How a New World Commodity Conquered Spanish Literature

by Erin Alice Cowling
edition: Hardcover
tagged: spanish & portuguese, spain & portugal, chocolate, renaissance, history

In terms of its popularity, as well as its production, chocolate was among the first foods to travel from the New World to Spain. Chocolate: How a New World Commodity Conquered Spanish Literature considers chocolate as an object of collective memory used to bridge the transatlantic gap through Spanish literary works of the early modern period, trac …


Erasmus on Literature

His Ratio or ‘System' of 1518/1519

edited by Mark Vessey, translated with commentary by Robert D. Sider, foreword by Anthony Grafton
edition: Hardcover
also available: eBook
tagged: renaissance, theology

None of the works included among Erasmus’ ‘Literary and Educational Writings’ in the Collected Works of Erasmus captures his most adventurous thinking about how texts signify in – and thereby make or remake – worlds of thought, feeling, and action. The one that comes closest to doing so, the Ratio verae theologiae (‘A System of True The …

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