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Browse Books in World War I

Canada and the First World War, Second Edition

Essays in Honour of Robert Craig Brown

edited by David MacKenzie

From Rinks to Regiments

Hockey Hall-of-Famers and the Great War

by (author) Alan Livingstone MacLeod

A Family of Brothers

Soldiers of the 26th New Brunswick Battalion in the Great War

by (author) J. Brent Wilson

They Fought in Colour / La Guerre en couleur

A New Look at Canada's First World War Effort / Nouveau regard sur le Canada dans la Première Guerre mondiale

edited by The Vimy Foundation
foreword by Paul Gross
afterword by Peter Mansbridge
translated by Daniel Poliquin

Riding into Battle

Canadian Cyclists in the Great War

by (author) Ted Glenn

Battle Lines

Canadian Poetry in English and the First World War

by (author) Joel Baetz

Called to Serve

Georgina Pope, Canadian Military Nursing Heroine

by (author) Katherine Dewar

Merry Hell

The Story of the 25th Battalion (Nova Scotia Regiment), Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1919

by (author) Brian Tennyson


The Battle and the Legend

by (author) Tim Cook

Courage, Sacrifice and Betrayal

The Story of the Victoria Rifles of Canada, 60th Battalion, in the First World War

by (author) Richard Pyves


by (author) Vern Thiessen


The Long-lost Memoir of Canada’s Artillery Commander in the Great War

edited by Susan Raby-Dunne
by (author) Edward Morrison


The First World War in a Canadian Town

by (author) Edward Butts

The Reckoning

Canadian Prisoners of War in the Great War

by (author) Nathan M. Greenfield

It Can't Last Forever

The 19th Battalion and the Canadian Corps in the First World War

by (author) David Campbell

Churchill and Fisher

The titans at the Admiralty who fought the First World War

by (author) Barry Gough

I Remain, Your Loving Son

Intimate Stories of Beaumont-Hamel

edited by Frances Ennis & Bob Wakeham

Toronto’s Fighting 75th in the Great War 1915–1919

A Prehistory of the Toronto Scottish Regiment (Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother's Own)

by (author) Timothy J. Stewart

Billy Bishop

Top Canadian Flying Ace

by (author) Dan McCaffery

The Locomotive of War

Money, Empire, Power, and Guilt

by (author) Peter Clarke

Victory at Vimy

Canada Comes of Age, April 9-12, 1917

by (author) Ted Barris

This Small Army of Women

Canadian Volunteer Nurses and the First World War

by (author) Linda J. Quiney

Canada's Dream Shall Be of Them

Canadian Epitaphs of the Great War

by (author) Eric McGeer
foreword by Terry Copp
photographs by Steve Douglas

From the Klondike to Berlin

The Yukon in World War I

by (author) Michael Gates

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