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A Cardiac Surgeon's Story of Immigration and Innovation

by (author) Arvind Koshal

Much More than Police

The Newfoundland Constabulary, 1871–1949

by (author) Terry Carlson

Roman Conquests


by (author) Michael M. Sage

In the Shadow of Isandlwana

The Life and Times of General Lord Chelmsford and his Disaster in Zululand

by (author) John Laband & Ian Knight

Churchill and Africa

Empire, Decolonisation and Race

by (author) C. Brad Faught

The Armies of Ancient Persia

The Sassanians

by (author) Kaveh Farrokh


Tank Commander Cadet in the Yom Kippur War

by (author) Amir Bega

Tank Gun Systems

The First Thirty Years, 1916-1945: A Technical Examination

by (author) William Andrews

Expedition to Disaster

The Athenian Mission to Sicily 415 BC

by (author) Philip Matyszak

The Emperor Caligula in the Ancient Sources

by (author) Anthony A. Barrett & John C. Yardley

Julius Caesar in Egypt

Cleopatra and the War in Alexandria

by (author) Philip Matyszak

Indigenous Resurgence in an Age of Reconciliation

edited by Heidi Kiiwetinepinesiik Stark, Aimée Craft & Hōkūlani K. Aikau

The Hardest Battle

The Canadian Corps and the Arras 1918 Campaign

by (author) Wiliam F. Stewart

Invasion! Rome Against the Cimbri, 113-101 BC

by (author) Philip Matyszak

Indigenous Peoples within Canada

A Concise History

by (author) Olive Patricia Dickason, William Newbigging & Cary Miller

Constructing the Family

Marriage and Work in Nineteenth-Century English Law

by (author) Luke Taylor

De Havilland Canada

Beaver to Dash 8

by (author) Christopher Buckley

The Naphtha Revolution

The Untold Story of an Invention that Changed the World

by (author) Graeme Ferguson

The Sea Wins

by (author) Eric Allaby

ReReading Catharine Parr Traill

Stranging the Familiar

by (author) Dorothy Lander
illustrated by Koren Smoke
preface by Maurice Switzer

Outside the Gate

The True Story of a British Home Child in Canada

by (author) Carol Newall


A History in Pictures

by (author) Peggy Thompson

Empire and Communications

by (author) Harold A. Innis
introduction by William J. Buxton

Mi'kmaw Fiddler Joe Marble Plays to St. Anne

A Etuaptmumk Two-Eyed Seeing Pilgrimage

by (author) John R. Prosper & Dorothy A. Lander

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