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Browse Books in Pre-confederation (to 1867)

Canada's State Police

150 years of the RCMP

by (author) Greg Marquis

Before Canada

Northern North America in a Connected World

edited by Allan Greer

Much More than Police

The Newfoundland Constabulary, 1871–1949

by (author) Terry Carlson

The Curious Passage of Richard Blanshard

First Governor of Vancouver Island

by (author) Barry Gough

The Seven Nations of Canada 1660-1860

Solidarity, Vision, and Independence in the St. Lawrence Valley

by (author) Jean-Pierre Sawaya
translated by Katherine Hastings
introduction by Patricia Culliford

Essays in the History of Canadian Law, Volume XII

New Essays in Women's History

edited by Lori Chambers & Joan Sangster

Battle On The Ice

by (author) Jean Rae Baxter


Lord Selkirk’s Scottish Colonists and the Battle for Canada’s West, 1813–1816

by (author) Robert Lower

The History and Archaeology of the Iroquois du Nord

edited by Ronald F. Williamson & Robert von Bitter
series edited by Pierre Desrosiers
contributions by Martin S. Cooper, William E. Engelbrecht, Neal Ferris, William A. Fox, Nick Grimoff, David Harris, April Hawkins, Richard W. Hill, Sr., Kurt A. Jordan, Victor Konrad, Chrisopher Menary, Dana Poulton, David Robertson & Gary A. Warrick
other Canadian Museum of History

Warriors and Warships

Conflict on the Great Lakes and the Legacy of Point Frederick

by (author) Robert D. Banks

Enthusiasms and Loyalties

The Public History of Private Feelings in the Enlightenment Atlantic

by (author) Keith Shepherd Grant

Gold, Grit, Guns

Miners on BC's Fraser River in 1858

by (author) Alexander Globe

Dead in Halifax: Stories of Adventure, Scandal, Heartbreak and Heroism

by (author) Craig Ferguson

From Underground Railroad to Rebel Refuge

Canada and the Civil War

by (author) Brian Martin

The Possession of Barbe Hallay

Diabolical Arts and Daily Life in Early Canada

by (author) Mairi Cowan

John Rae, Arctic Explorer

The Unfinished Autobiography

by (author) John Rae
edited by William Barr

Northern Sparks

Innovation, Technology Policy, and the Arts in Canada from Expo 67 to the Intern et Age

by (author) Michael Century

La guerre d'indépendance des Canadas

Démocratie, républicanismes et libéralismes en Amérique du Nord

by (author) Julien Mauduit

A Legacy of Exploitation

Early Capitalism in the Red River Colony, 1763–1821

by (author) Susan Dianne Brophy

Nova Scotia’s Historic Inland Communities

The Gathering Places and Settlements that Shaped the Province

by (author) Joan Dawson

Nova Scotia's Historic Inland Communities

The Gathering Places and Settlements that Shaped the Province

by (author) Joan Dawson

Le féodalisme dans la vallée du Saint-Laurent

Un problème historiographique

by (author) Matteo Sanfilippo
edited by Arnaud Montreuil & Olivier Guimond
series edited by Michel Bock

Empire and Emancipation

Scottish and Irish Catholics at the Atlantic Fringe, 1780-1850

by (author) S. Karly Kehoe

It Was Dark There All the Time

Sophia Burthen and the Legacy of Slavery in Canada

by (author) Andrew Hunter

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