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Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Scratching River

by Michelle Porter
edition: eBook
tagged: native americans, autism spectrum disorders, indigenous studies, non-classifiable

Scratching River braids the voices of mother, brother, sister, ancestor, and river to create a story about environmental, personal, and collective healing.

This memoir revolves around a search for home for the author’s older brother, who is both autistic and schizophrenic, and an unexpected emotional journey that led to acceptance, understanding a …


Uncommon Sense

An Autistic Memoir

by Adam Mardero
edition: Paperback
tagged: autism spectrum disorders, people with disabilities

Adam Mardero was diagnosed with Asperger's at the age of nine, and began the journey to understand his differences and the label that would define his life. Uncommon Sense is a vulnerable and insightful exploration of a boy growing into a young man while battling a label and the misunderstandings that arise from being on the spectrum. Through the p …


Blue Sky Kingdom

An Epic Family Journey to the Heart of the Himalaya

by Bruce Kirkby
edition: Paperback
tagged: personal memoirs, autism spectrum disorders, family

Bestselling travel writer Bruce Kirkby takes extreme measures to reduce screen time by travelling with his young family to a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the Himalaya.

Feeling stagnant, looking mindlessly at his phone for hours, flipping between emails and social media, ignoring his family and everything alive in his world, a thought struck Bruce K …


Dispatches from Ray's Planet

by Claire Finlayson
edition: eBook
tagged: autism spectrum disorders, personal memoirs

A collective memoir that explores a woman’s journey to understand the complexities of her adult brother’s symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

As a child, Claire’s big brother Ray was bright and inquisitive, but as the two became teenagers, Ray struggled to acquire the social skills that came more easily to others. Claire tried to help, point …


Intelligent Love

The Story of Clara Park, Her Autistic Daughter, and the Myth of the Refrigerator Mother

by Marga Vicedo
edition: Hardcover
also available: Paperback
tagged: autism spectrum disorders, children with special needs, women's studies

How one mother challenged the medical establishment and misconceptions about autistic children and their parents

In the early 1960s, Massachusetts writer and homemaker Clara Park and her husband took their 3-year-old daughter, Jessy, to a specialist after noticing that she avoided connection with others. Following the conventional wisdom of the time …


Since Joel

Love and Loss on the Spectrum

read by Julie L. Schwartz
edition: Audiobook
also available: Paperback eBook
tagged: personal memoirs, death, grief, bereavement, autism spectrum disorders


Since Joel tackles what happens when the unimaginable loss of a child becomes reality. Julie Schwartz introduces readers to her son Joel David Schwartz, who lived with Autism Spectrum Disorder and died by accidental overdose at age 25. Joel’s unique cognition created situations where he baffled yet informed; infuriated yet endeared; lost and yet …


Autism in Lockdown

Expert Tips and Insights on Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Temple Grandin; Cara Koscinski; Tony Attwood; Beth Aune; James Ball; Sean Barron; Katie Saint; Karen Simmons; Ellen Notbohm; Sheila Wagner; Julie Clark; Nancy Kashman; Janet Mora; Paula Aquilla; Melissa Palmer; Diana Friedlander; Hartley Steiner; Raun D. Melmed; Roya Ostovar; Krista DiVittore; Joye Newman; Elizabeth King Gerlach; Bobbi Sheahan; Carol Gray; Ronald Caissie; Stephen Sicoli; Wendela Whitcomb Marsh; Anita Lesko; Jed Baker; Carol Kranowitz & Barbara Sher
edition: Paperback
tagged: children with special needs, autism spectrum disorders

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, schedule changes, safety protocols, and school closings have added unique challenges to everyone’s lives. But even more so for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families.

Autism in Lockdown includes the most needed tips and insights from 34 of the world’s leading autism experts, including:

Dr. Temple Gr …

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