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Never Better

Two Kids, Their Dad, and His Wife's Ghost

by (author) Gonzalo Riedel

Living on the Edge

Innovative Research on Leaving Care and Transitions to Adulthood

contributions by Sue Bond, Ingri-Hanne Brænne Bennwik, Jenna Bollinger, Róisín Farragher, Catherine Flynn, Laura García-Alba, Federica Gullo, Petra Göbbels-Koch, John Horn, Berni Kelly, Philip Mendes, Malose Mokgopha, Wendy Mupaku, Anne-Kirstine Mølholt, June Paul, Jade Purtell, Annie Smith, Marcela Losantos Velasco & Jacinta Waugh
edited by Samuel Keller, Inger Oterholm, Veronika Paulsen & Adrian van Breda

Nonmonogamy and Happiness

A More Than Two Essentials Guide

by (author) Carrie Jenkins

The Care Book

A Planning & Resource Guide to Support Your Journey from Accidental to Intentional Caregiving

by (author) Kimberly Fraser

Farley and Claire

A Love Story

by (author) Michael Harris
foreword by Margaret Atwood

The Beautiful Unwanted

Down Syndrome in Myth, Memoir, and Bioethics

by (author) Chris Kaposy

There Is No Blue

by (author) Martha Baillie


by (author) Hannah Godfrey

Emotionally Immature Parents: A Recovery Workbook for Adult Children

Unpack Harmful Dynamics from Your Childhood, Empower Yourself As an Adult, and Set Boundaries for the Future

by (author) Kai Tai Kevin Qiu

Here With You

A Memoir of Love, Family, and Addiction

by (author) Kathy Wagner

I Am Full

Stories for Jacob

by (author) Dan Yashinsky


A Deeper Dive into Navigating Open Relationships

by (author) Jessica Fern & David Cooley
foreword by Carrie Jenkins

Like Every Form of Love

A Memoir of Friendship and True Crime

by (author) Padma Viswanathan

Kiss the Red Stairs

The Holocaust, Once Removed: A Memoir

by (author) Marsha Lederman


A Son Picks Up the Pieces of His Father's Rage

by (author) Arthur Boers
foreword by Andre Dubus

Nonmonogamy and Teaching

A More Than Two Essentials Guide

by (author) Ashley Speed

Childhood Unplugged

Practical Advice to Get Kids Off Screens and Find Balance

by (author) Katherine Johnson Martinko

These Days Are Numbered

Diary of a High-Rise Lockdown

by (author) Rebecca Rosenblum

Among Silent Echoes

A Memoir of Trauma and Resilience

by (author) Phyllis Dyson

In the Slender Margin

The Intimate Strangeness of Death and Dying

screenplay by Eve Joseph

Everything All at Once

A Memoir

by (author) Stephanie Catudal

The Brand of Brotherhood

by (author) T.D. Zummack

The 7 Initiatory Fires of Modern Manhood

Awaken Your Inner King, Own Your Power & Live a Legendary Life

by (author) Hendrix Black

Ultra-Processed People

Why We Can't Stop Eating Food That Isn't Food

by (author) Chris van Tulleken

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