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Reading the Water

Fly Fishing, Fatherhood, and Finding Strength in Nature

by Mark Hume
edition: Hardcover
tagged: fishing, nature therapy, personal memoirs, essays, fatherhood

“A father shares the joys of fly-fishing with his daughters. In this eloquent memoir … [Mark] Hume vividly conveys the sensory details of their adventures and the stunning surroundings … A heartfelt, beautifully written celebration of the wonders of nature and comfort of family.”—Kirkus STARRED Review

Fishing was Mark Hume’s passion sinc …


Good Mom on Paper

Writers on Creativity and Motherhood

edited by Stacey May Fowles & Jen Sookfong Lee
edition: Paperback
tagged: women authors, essays, motherhood

The experience of motherhood is monumental, yet rarely discussed in connection with literary or creative life. How do we navigate the twin devotions of love and art? How does motherhood disrupt the creative process? How does it enhance it?

Good Mom on Paper is a collection of twenty essays that goes beyond the clichés to explore the fraught, beauti …


Send Me Into the Woods Alone

Essays on Motherhood

by Erin Pepler
edition: eBook
tagged: motherhood, women, personal memoirs

Dispatches from modern motherhood by a reluctant suburbanite

Send Me Into The Woods Alone is an honest, heartfelt, and often hilarious collection of essays on the joys, struggles, and complexities of motherhood.

These essays touch on the major milestones of raising children, from giving birth (and having approximately a million hands in your vagina) …


Scratching River

by Michelle Porter
edition: eBook
tagged: native americans, autism spectrum disorders, indigenous studies, non-classifiable

Scratching River braids the voices of mother, brother, sister, ancestor, and river to create a story about environmental, personal, and collective healing.

This memoir revolves around a search for home for the author’s older brother, who is both autistic and schizophrenic, and an unexpected emotional journey that led to acceptance, understanding a …


Can't Help Falling

A Long Road to Motherhood

by Tarah Schwartz
edition: Paperback
also available: eBook
tagged: philosophers, adoption & fostering, motherhood

When Tarah Schwartz miscarried for the first time at almost 5 months, she assumed this would be just a blip on the way to motherhood. But more miscarriages would follow, threatening her stability, her relationships, and changing her profoundly. In this memoir, Tarah puts words to excruciating loss as she recounts her unexpected and deeply inspiring …


Minerva's Owl

The Bereavement Phase of My Marriage

by Carol Matthews
edition: eBook
also available: Paperback
tagged: death, grief, bereavement

"Of the numerous books that have been written about loss, Matthews has given us an original, startling and deeply thought-provoking work. . . What we are left with is a sense of peace -- the kind that comes with the knowledge that, even in the darkest places, we are not alone." -- Eve Joseph, author of In the Slender Margin

Minerva's Owl is a memoir …


The Book of Grief and Hamburgers

by Stuart Ross
edition: eBook
also available: Audiobook
tagged: personal memoirs, jewish, essays, death, grief, bereavement


A poignant meditation on mortality from a beloved Canadian poet

A writer friend once pointed out that whenever Stuart Ross got close to something heavy and “real” in a poem, a hamburger would inevitably appear for comic relief. In this hybrid essay/memoir/poetic meditation, Ross shoves aside the heaping plate of burgers to wrestle with what it …

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