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Apprendre avec Scholastic : Mon super cahier : Les sciences

by (author) Scholastic Canada Ltd.
edited by Scholastic

Bite Into Bloodsuckers (Up Close With Animals)

by (author) Kari-Lynn Winters & Ishta Mercurio

Glow-in-the-Dark Creatures

by (author) Natalie Hyde

My Science Alphabet Coloring Book for Toddlers

Learn Science and ABCs with Coloring Fun

by (author) Anjali Joshi

Be a Camouflage Detective

Looking for Critters That are Hidden, Concealed, or Covered

by (author) Peggy Kochanoff

Cyrus 2

L'encyclopédie qui raconte

by (author) Christiane Duchesne & Carmen Marois

Cyrus 1

L'encyclopédie qui raconte

by (author) Christiane Duchesne
illustrated by Carmen Marois

50 Things To Know About the International Space Station

by (author) John A. Read

Do You Know Where the Animals Live?

Discovering the Incredible Creatures All Around Us

by (author) Peter Wohlleben
translated by Shelley Tanaka

Les sols

by (author) Québec Amérique

Les forêts

by (author) Québec Amérique

Butterflies Are Pretty ... Gross!

by (author) Rosemary Mosco
illustrated by Jacob Souva

Forest Magic

A Guidebook for Little Woodland Explorers

by (author) Sarah Grindler

Flash Cards - Everyday Science

Ages 3-5

by (author) Popular Book Company

ABC Technology Book

by (author) Sage Franch
illustrated by Fernando Martin

50 Space Missions that Changed the World

by (author) John A. Read

A World of Mindfulness

by (author) Erin Alladin
illustrated by Suzanne Del Rizzo, Rebecca Bender, Gabrielle Grimard, Tara Anderson, Francois Thisdale, Scot Ritchie, Miki Sato, Tamara Campeau, Emma Pedersen, Carmen Mok, Aino Anto, Sue Macartney, Amélie Dubois & Andrea Blinick

Nature All Around: Birds

by (author) Pamela Hickman
illustrated by Carolyn Gavin

Les déchets

by (author) Québec Amérique


by (author) Québec Amérique

So Imagine Me

Nature Riddles in Poetry

by (author) Lynn Davies
illustrated by Chrissie Park-MacNeil

ABC Science Book

by (author) Anjali Joshi

What Arctic Animals Eat (Inuinnaqtun)

by (author) Inhabit Education

The Caribou

Inuinnaqtun Edition

by (author) Inhabit Education Books Inc.

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