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My Story Starts Here

Voices of Young Offenders

by Deborah Ellis
edition: Paperback
  • age: 12 to 100
  • Grade: 7 to 17
tagged: law & crime, orphans & foster homes, adolescence

Deborah Ellis, activist and award-winning author of The Breadwinner interviews young people involved in the criminal justice system and lets them tell their own stories.

Jamar found refuge in a gang after leaving an abusive home where his mother stole from him. Fred was arrested for assault with a weapon, public intoxication and attacking his mother …


The Law is (Not) for Kids

A Legal Rights Guide for Canadian Children and Teens

by Ned Lecic & Marvin Zuker
edition: Paperback
also available: eBook
  • age: 10 to 20
  • Grade: 5 to 15
tagged: law & crime

In this practical guide to the law for the young people of Canada, Ned Lecic and Marvin Zuker provide an all-encompassing, accurate manual meant to empower and educate youth and those that serve them. As advocates for the rights of children, the authors provide examples of how young people can get their legal rights enforced while also encouraging …


Top Secret Science in Cybercrime and Espionage

by Ellen Rodger
edition: Paperback
  • age: 10
  • Grade: 5
tagged: law & crime

Spying and surveillance has always relied on cutting-edge science to push the boundaries. The same techniques are often used today by hackers to commit online data security breaches. This intriguing book will captivate readers who have an interest in spymaker gadgets, computer science, and biometric data for online identification and security.


Making it Right

Building Peace, Settling Conflict

by Marilee Peters
edition: Paperback
  • age: 14 to 100
  • Grade: 9 to 17
tagged: law & crime, values & virtues

Imagine a world without prisons, lawyers, or courtrooms – where justice is done.

What if there were no prisons? Alternative approaches to dealing with crime are underway around the world to explore how victims, offenders, and communities can heal rifts and repair damage. It's often called restorative justice. It's a way to think about the deeper r …


That's Not Fair!

Getting to Know Your Rights and Freedoms

by Danielle McLaughlin, illustrated by Dharmali Patel
edition: Hardcover
  • age: 7 to 11
  • Grade: 2 to 6
tagged: law & crime, politics & government

This unique addition to the CitizenKid collection, written by by Danielle S. McLaughlin, provides an accessible exploration of the rights and freedoms of citizens in a democracy through a series of six short stories starring Mayor Moe and the councillors of a sometimes wacky city. In each story, the councillors are first presented with a problem, a …

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