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Métis Like Me

by (author) Tasha Hilderman
illustrated by Risa Hugo

Sometimes I Feel Like an Oak

by (author) Danielle Daniel
illustrated by Jackie Traverse

Lola Flies Alone

by (author) Bill Richardson
illustrated by Bill Pechet

What If Bedtime Didn't Exist?

by (author) Francine Cunningham
illustrated by Mathias Ball


by (author) Édouard Manceau
translated by Sarah Quinn

A Fire Truck for Chuck

by (author) Annika Dunklee
illustrated by Cathon

Walking Trees

illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay

The Little Girl Who Wanted to Heal the Earth

by (author) Lucie Papineau
illustrated by Caroline Hamel

The Tooth Fairy Goes on a Mission!

My Amazing Heroes

by (author) Carolyn Chouinard
illustrated by Sabrina Gendron
translated by David Homel

One Giant Leap

by (author) Thao Lam

I Love Myself

by (author) Wai Mei Wong
illustrated by Julia Vasileva


by (author) Mireille Messier & Irene Luxbacher

Baker Makers

by (author) Kim Smith

Rock Stars Don’t Nap

by (author) Jason Perkins
illustrated by Cale Atkinson

Kevin Goes First

illustrated by Hala Tahboub

Lost Inside My Head

by (author) Vigg
translated by David Warriner

The Wishing Machine

by (author) Jonathan Hillman
illustrated by Nadia Alam

All the Faces of Me

by (author) Laura Alary
illustrated by Salini Perera

5 Tremendously Silly Munsch Stories

by (author) Robert Munsch
illustrated by Michael Martchenko

My Favorite Animal

illustrated by Andreu Llinàs Durán
translated by Carine Laforest

Pigs Can’t Fly

illustrated by Wallace Edwards

J’ai vu un cochon voler

illustrated by Wallace Edwards

Robot, Unicorn, Queen

by (author) Shannon Bramer
illustrated by Irene Luxbacher

Mira and Baku

by (author) Sara Truuvert
illustrated by Michelle Theodore

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