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Browse Books in Christmas & Advent

A Cabin Christmas

by (author) Glynnis Hood
illustrated by Ardis Cheng

Un calendrier de l'Avent No 3 : La fin de la liste des vilains?

by (author) Valérie Fontaine
illustrated by Mika

Buddy the Bluenose Reindeer

And the Christmas Dinner Rescue

by (author) Bruce Nunn & Brenda Jones

Baby's First Words: Christmas

text by Carine Laforest

Santa ABC

by (author) George Fewster

Santa's Countdown to Christmas

24 Days of Stories

text by Kim Thompson
illustrated by Élodie Duhameau

Best of Buddy The Bluenose Reindeer

Buddy the Bluenose Reindeer and Buddy the Bluenose Reindeer and the Boston Christmas Tree Adventure

illustrated by Brenda Jones
by (author) Bruce Nunn

A Silly Willy Christmas

by (author) Brenda Redman
illustrated by Wendi Nordell

The Best Gift for Bear

illustrated by Jennifer A. Bell

A Purrfect Christmas

by (author) Ellen DeLange
illustrated by Caroline Bonne Muller

Counting to Christmas: An Advent Calendar Treasury

edited by Cottage Door Press
illustrated by Lindsay Dale-Scott, Borghild Marie Fallberg, Jennifer A. Bell, Yuyi Chen, Abigail Dela Cruz, Sara Gianassi, Jill Howarth, Katy Hudson, Morgan Huff, Katya Longhi, Zoe Persico, Roxanne Rainville, Daniela Sosa, Mei Støyva & Luisa Uribe
photographs by

If You Met Santa

by (author) Holly Hatam

Jack and the Manger

by (author) Andy Jones
illustrated by Darka Erdelji

Fairy Grandmother

Millie Goes to the North Pole

by (author) Marie-Hélène Lebeault

The Legend of the Christmas Witch

by (author) Aubrey Plaza & Dan Murphy
illustrated by Julia Iredale

Un calendrier de l'Avent No 2 : Qui aidera le père Noël?

by (author) Valérie Fontaine
illustrated by Mika

The Mutant Mouse from Outer Space (The Lunch Club #3)

illustrated by Dom Pelletier

Quand le père Noël était petit...

by (author) Linda Bailey
illustrated by Genevieve Godbout

Joyeux Noël, Anne!

by (author) Kallie George
illustrated by Genevieve Godbout

Allie's Slimy Christmas Adventure

Short Bedtime Christmas Story | Picture Book

by (author) Shawna Shawna James
by (artist) Alexandria Alexandria James

Santa Never Brings Me a Banjo

by (author) David Myles
illustrated by Murray Bain

A Piece of Black Cake for Santa

by (author) Yolanda T. Marshall
illustrated by Bosa Subi

A Little Reindeer

by (author) Holly Berry-Byrd
illustrated by Roxanne Rainville
edited by Cottage Door Press

On vous souhaite un joyeux Noël

by (author) Helaine Becker
illustrated by H. Werner Zimmermann

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