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The Tray of Togetherness

by (author) Flo Leung

Beautiful You, Beautiful Me

by (author) Tasha Spillett-Sumner
illustrated by Salini Perera

Moi aussi, je peux!

by (author) Karen Autio
illustrated by Laura Watson

The Library Bus

by (author) Bahram Rahman
illustrated by Gabrielle Grimard

An Artist's Journey

by (author) Mizouni Bannani
translated by Nouha Homad

My Self, Your Self

by (author) Esmé Shapiro


The Bashful Cloud

by (author) Kyo Maclear
illustrated by Nathalie Dion

Bear Has a Belly

by (author) Jane Whittingham

Pareils... ou presque

by (author) Marie-Claude Audet
illustrated by Maïlys Garcia

Tú me sostienes

by (author) Monique Gray Smith
illustrated by Danielle Daniel
translated by Lawrence Schimel

Sharon, Lois and Bram's One Elephant Went Out to Play

by (author) Sharon Hampson, Lois Lillienstein, Bram Morrison & Randi Hampson
illustrated by Qin Leng

Because You Are

by (author) Jael Richardson
illustrated by Nneka Myers

Autumn Bird and the Runaway

by (author) Melanie Florence & Richard Scrimger

You Are My Favorite Color

by (author) Gillian Sze
illustrated by Nina Mata

nimosôm anima--nimihšōmihš ta-minciwēnciman

Grandfather's Reminder

by (author) Alberta-Rose Bear & Kathleen O'Reilly
illustrated by Lindsey Bear


by (author) Melanie Brown
illustrated by Sara Gillingham

Nature Lover #6

by (author) Kelly Starling Lyons
illustrated by Nneka Myers

Project Bollywood

by (author) Mahtab Narsimhan

The Tales of Dwipa

by (author) Prajwala Dixit
illustrated by Duncan Major

Finding Moose

by (author) Sue Farrell Holler
illustrated by Jennifer Faria

Sangeet and the Missing Beat

illustrated by Kiranjot Kaur

Hot Cross Buns For Everyone

by (author) Yolanda T. Marshall
illustrated by Lavrova Daria

A Park Connects Us

by (author) Sarah Nelson
illustrated by Ellen Rooney

Las piedras mysteriosas

by (author) Enrique Pérez Díaz
illustrated by Yayo

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