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Microeconomics - Grade Booster Series

by (author) Elijah M. James

Macroeconomics - Grade Booster Series

by (author) Elijah M. James

Skillful Performance

Enacting Capabilities, Knowledge, Competence, and Expertise in Organizations

edited by Jorgen Sandberg, Linda Rouleau, Ann Langley & Haridimos Tsoukas

The Way of the Quiet Warrior

90 Days to the Life You Desire

by (author) Tom Dutta

Bet On Me

Leading and Succeeding in Business and in Life

by (author) Annette Verschuren

Arctic Tourism Experiences

Production, Consumption and Sustainability

by (author) Young-Sook Lee
edited by David B. Weaver & Nina K. Prebensen

The Oxford Handbook of Management

edited by Adrian Wilkinson, Steven J. Armstrong & Michael Lounsbury

The Orange Balloon Dog

Bubbles, Turmoil and Avarice in the Contemporary Art Market

by (author) Don Thompson

Practical Tourism Research

by (author) Stephen L.J. Smith

The Corporation

The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power

by (author) Joel Bakan
narrator Rebecca Jenkins

Spaceports Around the World, A Global Growth Industry

by (author) Erik Seedhouse

Power Of Why, The

by (author) Amanda Lang

Business in a Changing Climate

Explaining Industry Support for Carbon Pricing

by (author) Kaija Belfry Munroe

Re-Imagining Capitalism

Building a Responsible Long-Term Model

edited by Dominic Barton, Dezso Horváth & Matthias Kipping

Productivity and Prosperity

A Historical Sociology of Productivist Thought

by (author) Karen R. Foster

The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Identity

edited by Michael G. Pratt, Majken Schultz, Blake E. Ashforth & Davide Ravasi

A Mile of Make-Believe

A History of the Eaton's Santa Claus Parade

by (author) Steve Penfold

Redesigning Work

A Blueprint for Canada's Future Well-being and Prosperity

by (author) Graham Lowe & Frank Graves

The American Retail Value Proposition

Crafting Unique Experiences at Compelling Prices

by (author) Kyle Murray

The Thoughtful Leader

A Model of Integrative Leadership

by (author) Jim Fisher

The EQ Edge

Emotional Intelligence and Your Success

by (author) Steven Stein
read by Liam O'Brien

The Emergence of Novelty in Organizations

edited by Raghu Garud, Barbara Simpson, Ann Langley & Haridimos Tsoukas

The Thoughtful Leader

A Model of Integrative Leadership

by (author) Jim Fisher

Back from the Brink

Lessons from the Canadian Asset-Backed Commercial Paper Crisis

by (author) Paul Halpern, Caroline Cakebread, Christopher C. Nicholls & Poonam Puri

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