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Do Abominable Snowmen of America Really Exist?

by (author) Roger Patterson

Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us

the Apes Among Us

by (author) John Green

Haunted Museums & Galleries of Canada

by (author) Andrew Hind

Haunted Museums & Galleries of Ontario

by (author) Andrew Hind

Charlie Red Star

True Reports of One of North America's Biggest UFO Sightings

by (author) Grant Cameron

Haunted Hospitals

Eerie Tales About Hospitals, Sanatoriums, and Other Institutions

by (author) Mark Leslie & Rhonda Parrish

Victoria's Most Haunted

Ghost Stories from BC's Historic Capital City

by (author) Ian Gibbs

Alien Abductions and UFO Sightings 5-Book Bundle

The Big Book of UFOs / I Saw It Too! / Abductions and Aliens / and 2 more

by (author) Chris A. Rutkowski

Real Hauntings 4-Book Bundle

Creepy Capital / Spooky Sudbury / Haunted Hamilton / Tomes of Terror

by (author) Mark Leslie & Jenny Jelen

Russian Hominology

The Bayanov Papers - Fact & Folklore

by (author) Dmitri Bayanov & Christopher Murphy

Creepy Capital

Ghost Stories of Ottawa and the National Capital Region

by (author) Mark Leslie

Terry Boyle's Discover Ontario 5-Book Bundle

Discover Ontario / Hidden Ontario / Haunted Ontario / Haunted Ontario 3 / Haunted Ontario 4

by (author) Terry Boyle

Discover Ontario

Stories of the Province's Unique People and Places

by (author) Terry Boyle

Canada's Greatest Mysteries

by (author) Peter Boer

Haunted Ontario 3-Book Bundle

Haunted Ontario / Haunted Ontario 3 / Haunted Ontario 4

by (author) Terry Boyle

Haunted Ontario 4

Encounters with Ghostly Shadows, Apparitions, and Spirits

by (author) Terry Boyle

The Asian Wild Man

Yeti Yeren & Almasty Cultural aspects & evidence of reality

by (author) Jean-Paul Debenat & Paul LeBlond

Discovering Cadborosaurus

by (author) Paul LeBlond & John Kirk

Ghost Stories of the First World War

by (author) Maria Da Silva & Andrew Hind

Real Hauntings — 3-Book Bundle

Spooky Sudbury/Haunted Hamilton/Tomes of Terror

by (author) Mark Leslie & Jenny Jelen

Tomes of Terror

Haunted Bookstores and Libraries

by (author) Mark Leslie

Costco Assort -- Leslie Assortment (2 pack selection)

Haunted Hamilton / Tomes of Terror

by (author) Mark Leslie

Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon

How World Governments Have Conspired to Conceal Humanity’s Biggest Secret (The Truth About the Malmstrom Incident, UAPs, and Their Interest in Nuclear Weapons)

by (author) Robert Salas
foreword by Stanton T. Friedman

Meeting Place of the Dead

A True Haunting

by (author) Richard Palmisano

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