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Happy Holidays!

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If you're ever looking for something extra to feel a bit sad about, I recommend searching back through our archives to find the Spring Literary Festival Guide I posted in February with every expectation that 2020 was going to proceed as planned.

And were there ever plans! For these festivals, and for book launches, and book clubs, and bookstore events, and exciting new releases, and all the usual things that make up a literary year. But by now, we all know what happened next...

We know too, however, the way that so many people rose to the occasion, from booksellers working overtime and learning a whole new trade (online sales! delivery!) to get books into the hands of readers, to festivals and events moving to virtual, and authors designing innovative ways to launch their books, and publishers putting out all the stops to keep those 2020 books coming.

And are we ever glad they did, because in a year of such turmoil, books were one thing we could count on.

Personally, it was the opportunity to continue to promote and celebrate books and authors (and their readers!) here at 49th Shelf that gave me such a sustaining sense of purpose back in the spring—and so I have you all to thank for that. I'd also like to thank Kiley Turner and Craig Riggs, Kate Edwards and the ACP, Adrienne Guthrie and everybody else who works behind the scenes at 49th Shelf so I can just do my thing—it's such a privilege to work on this platform.

Thank you to Canadian authors and publishers too, and especially to the good people who work in publicity whose enthusiasm, friendliness, and love of books makes my job such a pleasure. I'm met almost none of you in real life (we have a very big country!), but I'm lucky to consider so many of you my friends.

Just a reminder that our holiday giveaway is ongoing and it is epic—don't miss your chance to enter to win.

And finally, I wish you so much time to read over the holiday break. We'll be back in 2021 with more books to share.

Happy Reading,

Kerry (49th Shelf Editor)

PS: Here are a few of my favourite things from our site this year:

December 17, 2020
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