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You Were Made For More

This book is inspiring for anyone who wants to remember—or learn—what it feels like to be a whole person. Read it and share it.” —Sarah Selecky


Good Burdens

“What happens when technology moves beyond lifting genuine burdens and starts freeing us from burdens that we should not want to be rid of?” asks philosopher Albert Borgmann in his 1984 book, Technology and the Character of Contemporary Life. “If we believe that we, as humans, were created for relationship and meaningful work, work that provides for families and serves neighbours, work that engages our bodies and creative faculties, then it follows that we would value a certain kind of burden,” he explains.

He called them good burdens, commitments that tether us to people and the physical world. Like the burden of preparing a meal and getting everyone to show up at the table, or the burden of reading poetry to someone you love or going for a family walk after dinner, or the burden of letter-writing—gathering our thoughts, setting them down in a way that will be remembered and cherished and perhaps passed on to our grandchildren.

Albert points out that these types of activities have been obliterated by the readily available entertainment offered by every screen in the twenty-first-century wo …

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