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Canadian Comics for First Nations Schools: A Lit Wish from the One Tribe Anthology


For the second year in row, we’ve been spending the holiday season making Lit Wish Lists—lists of books we want to give, books we want to get, books to read or reread. And all this thinking about Lit Wish Lists got us pondering the nature of the Lit Wish; what exactly might one of these look like? So we went exploring to find out, and came up with three excellent Lit Wishes worthy of coming true in 2014. This one is by writer/editor James Waley, the force behind the One Tribe Anthology project. 


Chad Solomon - Rabbit and Bear Paws

Chad Solomon - Rabbit and Bear Paws

The One Tribe comic book anthology is a not-for-profit fundraiser production currently being assembled for release later in 2014, in association with the Canadian publisher known for reissuing the legendary Classics Illustrated comic book line, Jack Lake Productions

Like many of their superhero characters, Canadian comic book creators have a reputation for being caring, compassionate individuals with a strong sense of justice, and they have often answered the call for assistance regarding world crises. Art auct …

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