Thousands of Canadian-authored kids and YA books


Hope Matters: Turning Toward Solutions and Away From Doom

But there are bats

who catch fish

and slime molds that sing

and ancient Greenland sharks

who don’t even reach sexual maturity

until they are 150 years old.


This is what I want to say

to those who believe

the Earth is already doomed:


Just look

at the capacity

of this

gloriously complex planet


I wrote this book for you—and for the people you love who believe the world is screwed.

I suspect you know who I mean—the ones brave enough to acknowledge the existential angst of living and working through a planetary emergency. We see it in students who appear to have everything going for them yet are so desensitized by environmental despair, they are simply done with feeling; or the ones so saturated with doom-and-gloom messages, they honestly believe no future exists. We hear it in adults grieving for the world their children will live in. We watch it echo around the world through the voices of the million and a half students joining Greta Thunberg in school strikes against climate change.

Whenever I speak about environmental solutions and positive global conservation trends, I encounter people so hungry for hope, they line up to talk to me. They follow up with long, thoughtful emails telling me they honestly believe the state of the planet is past the point of no return. They …

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A Canada We Recognize

Book Cover A Day in the Life of Canada

It's inevitable that the whole country goes batshit at election time, particularly when things seem a bit precarious for those desperate to hang onto their power, but in the last couple of weeks, the national conversation has taken a dangerous turn, becoming rife with hatred and anger. The result has been a Canada as weird and terrible as the Canada depicted in the photo to your right (which was brought to our attention via a tweet by the Orkney Library) but much less funny. 

And so in an attempt to balance the scales of sanity, we offer this list of books that give us a Canada we recognize.


A Canada that is a place of asylum

Book Cover Flight and Freedom

Flight and Freedom, by Ratna Omidvar and Dana Wagner

The global number of people currently displaced from their home country—more than 50 million—is higher than at any time since World War II. Yet in recent years Canada has deported, denied, and diverted countless refugees. Is Canada a safe haven for refugees or a closed door?

In Flight and Freedom, Ratna Omidvar and Dana Wagner present a collection of thirty astonishing interv …

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