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Books that Bring the Past to Life

"Music and hope navigate the treacherous waters of the pre-war period in this detailed, well-researched novel about perseverance and the power of self-discovery," writes bestseller Genevieve Graham about Claudette on the Keys, the debut novel by Joanne Culley.

In this list, Culley recommends her own favourites by Genevieve Graham, along with other historical fiction gems.


The Forgotten Home Child, by Genevieve Graham

About the book: This fictional account of the Barnardo Home Children is based on true stories discovered during the author's interviews with former Barnardo children who came to North America from the British Isles as well as their descendants.


Rabbit Foot Bill, by Helen Humphreys

About the book: A gripping book about a relationship between a young boy and an older free-spirited man on the prairies after the Second World …

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