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Notes From a Children's Librarian: Equine Books for the Year of the Horse

Each month, our resident Children's Librarian, Julie Booker, gives us a new view from the stacks. In anticipation of the Lunar New Year, she brings us great books for the Year of the Horse. 


The Year of the Horse allows for an equine book list this Lunar New Year. 

Book Cover A Horse Called Farmer

For the younger crowd, Peter Cumming's classic, A Horse Called Farmer, is a wonderful picture book with themes of belonging and finding one's way back home. Farmer, a workhorse on an island in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, lives in harmony with his people and the changing seasons. One winter he goes a town party and leaves with a different owner who takes him 100 km away. Farmer doesn't like his new life and when the gate is accidentally left open, he works his way to the shoreline, using his sense of smell to guide him home. The black and white pictures beautifully capture the dramatic climax with Farmer fighting for his life in the ocean. The book is based on a real story of a horse who galloped and swam from one end of the Magdalen Islands to the other in 1923.

Book Cover The White Horse Talisman

Similarly, Andrea Spaldin …

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