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Walters Rules YA Fiction

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Eric Walters is a well-known Canadian author who has published an astounding 100 books (and counting). Only a writer who can adapt to the changing interests of readers can maintain such a long and distinguished career. His most recent pieces of Young Adult fiction, specifically involving catastrophic events, are very appealing to the modern young adult (and young adult at heart) reader.

Do you remember where you were during the blackout of 2003? The Rule of Three series will bring those memories back and take you on a wild ride of what it could have been like if ALL the computers on Earth crashed! Sixteen-year-old Adam is at the heart of the chaos and it’s his unique hobby that may be the key to the survival of his community. Friends, family, and neighbours (with secret pasts) will have to contribute all of the their knowledge and skills if anyone is going to survive. But who can you trust when your life—and the lives of loved ones—are on the line?

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