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Notes From a Children's Librarian: On Activism

How to Become an Accidental Activist, by Elizabeth MacLeod and Frieda Wishinksy, illustrated by Jean Playford, is organized into ten chapters/ten tips, including: “Find Your Passion; Don’t Accept Things as They Are”; “Notice What’s Needed”; and “Just Get Started.

Large colourful photos accompany profiles of well-known figures, such as Greta Thunberg, Ai Weiwei, and Clara Hughes (who rode across Canada to raise awareness about mental illness.)

Lesser known people are featured, such as Jonah Larson, the Accidental Crocheter, who raises money for Ethiopian orphanages like the one he grew up in.

Or the Albertan twin singers Tegan and Sara Quin, creators of the Lego Movie hit, "Everything is Awesome," who sing about LGBTQ+ issues. Will “Egg Boy” Connolly who cracked an egg over an Australian senator’s head during a news conference because the politician blamed mosque attacks on immigration.

From land mines to pink shirt day to Girls Coding to Black Lives Matter to Jane Goodall’s chimpanzees—a smorgasbord of global causes and ages are represented.   


Book Cover Our Future How Kids Are Taking Action

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