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On Our Radar: Olesen, Berkhout, Tsiang, Stratton, and Crozier

"On Our Radar" is a monthly series featuring books with buzz worth sharing. We bring you links to features and reviews about great new books in a multitude of genres from all around the Internet.


Kinds of Winter: Four Solo Journeys by Dogsled Through Canada's Northwest Territories, by Dave Olesen

The Lucky Seven Interview, Open Book Toronto:

"The central question of the book is not a question but a quest. One man’s quest for a deeper appreciation of his chosen home place in the Far North. Northern Canada is a place so fraught with clichés and stereotypes that it rarely emerges honestly in written descriptions. Throughout my years in the north I have always chafed against those sappy portrayals which constrain and alter perceptions of the North. As I got farther into the writing I also came to grips with my own lifelong fascination with North and with 'north-ness.' What was driving me out the door into the cold at 40 below zero? Why this lifelong fixation on North? Those are questions that emerged as I wrote, and I try to answer them in the book."

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Seeds of a Story: Part Two

On Thursday, the Canadian Children's Book Centre Awards will be presented in Toronto. We asked the nominees to tell us about the seeds of their stories, the places from which their inspiration grew. Here are some of their responses. Don't miss Part One from yesterday!  


The Further Adventures of Jack Lime, by James Leck

Nominated for the John Spray Mystery Award

"After I finished The Adventures of Jack Lime, I knew that Jack wasn’t finished solving cases in the fictional town of Iona, but I didn’t know what mysteries would be heading his way in the second book in the series, The Further Adventures of Jack Lime. So, I started the ball rolling by brainstorming a bunch of crimes that I’d like to see Jack solve. What came out of that brainstorming session was a mystery involving an art heist. I was living in Kuwait at the time, teaching high school at an international school, and the students were creating all this incredible art in their art class. I thought how horrible it would be if someone were to sneak into the art room and steal someone’s painting, especially if that happened at the end of the year just before their work was about to be displayed for everyone else to see. While I was putting the finishing touches on that story I visited Nice, in Fran …

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