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Orca Book Publishers

Books from this publisher

Better Connected

How Girls Are Using Social Media for Good

by (author) Tanya Lloyd Kyi & Julia Kyi
illustrated by Vivian Rosas

Little Pine Cone

Wildfires and the Natural World

by (author) Johanna Wagstaffe
illustrated by Julie McLaughlin

Why Humans Work

How Jobs Shape Our Lives and Our World

by (author) Monique Polak
illustrated by Suharu Ogawa

Hush, Puppy

Charlie's Rules #3

by (author) Sigmund Brouwer
illustrated by Sabrina Gendron


Not Your Average Sex Encyclopedia

by (author) Myriam Daguzan Bernier
illustrated by Cécile Gariépy
translated by Charles Simard

The Witness Blanket

Truth, Art and Reconciliation

by (author) Carey Newman & Kirstie Hudson

Bear in the Family

by (author) Eric Walters
illustrated by Olga Barinova

Quiet, Please!

by (author) Russ Willms

The Three Bears and Goldilocks

by (author) Bee Waeland

The Moon is a Silver Pond, The Sun is a Peach

by (author) Sara Cassidy
illustrated by Josée Bisaillon

Who's Looking?

How Animals See the World

by (author) Carol Matas
illustrated by Cornelia Li

Project Bollywood

by (author) Mahtab Narsimhan

Sulfur Heart

by (author) Brooke Carter

Lark Has the Shivers

by (author) Natasha Deen
illustrated by Marcus Cutler

On the Line

by (author) Eric Walters & Paul Coccia


Swimming for Survival

by (author) Rowena Rae

Fire on the Mountain

by (author) Pamela McDowell
illustrated by Dana Barton

Kunoichi Bunny

by (author) Sara Cassidy
illustrated by Brayden Sato

Journey of the Midnight Sun

by (author) Shazia Afzal
illustrated by Aliya Ghare

It’s Me, Henry!

by (author) Stéphanie Deslauriers
illustrated by Geneviève Després
translated by Charles Simard

Fresh Air, Clean Water

Our Right to a Healthy Environment

by (author) Megan Clendenan
illustrated by Julie McLaughlin

Fashion Forward

Striving for Sustainable Style

by (author) Raina Delisle

The Overwood

by (author) Gabrielle Prendergast


by (author) Marty Chan

Face the Music

by (author) Lesley Choyce

Depth of Field

by (author) Natasha Deen

One Last Job

by (author) Sean Rodman

Grave Message

by (author) Mary Jennifer Payne


by (author) Sigmund Brouwer

Olivia Wrapped in Vines

by (author) Maude Nepveu-Villeneuve
illustrated by Sandra Dumais
translated by Charles Simard

The Ooze

by (author) Tash McAdam

Urgent Message from a Hot Planet

Navigating the Climate Crisis

by (author) Ann Eriksson
illustrated by Belle Wuthrich

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