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Book Lists

2024 Saskatchewan Book Awards Shortlists

Celebrating the best of Saskatchewan book! Winners will be announced on May 4. Learn more at

by Kerry Clare

Reasonable Doubt

by (author) Joel Bernbaum, Lancelot Knight & Yvette Nolan
introduction by Maria Campbell

The Observer

A Novel

by (author) Marina Endicott

kâ-pî-isi-kiskisiyân / The Way I Remember

by (author) Solomon Ratt


The Laurier Liberals and the Theft of First Nations Reserve Land

by (author) Bill Waiser & Jennie Hansen

Molly Misses Nainai

by (author) Emma Chen
illustrated by Sean Huang

Welcome to the Cypher

by (author) Khodi Dill
illustrated by Awuradwoa Afful

Fox and Bear

by (author) Miriam Körner

Polly Diamond and the Topsy-Turvy Day

Book 3

by (author) Alice Kuipers
illustrated by Diana Toledano

Gordie's Skate

by (author) Bill Waiser
illustrated by Leanne Franson

Grandview Drive

Short stories

by (author) Tim Blackett

Yes, Miss Thompson

by (author) Amy Boyes

acâhkos nikamowini-pîkiskwêwina—The Star Poems

nêhiyawi-kîsik âcimowin—A Cree Sky Narrative

by (author) Jesse Archibald-Barber

My Daughter's Heart

A family's journey of resilience through a life-threatening crisis

by (author) Kim Jasken

Opimotewina wina kapagamawat Witigowa / Journeys of The One to Strike the Wetigo

by (author) Ken Carriere

a beautiful rebellion

by (author) Rita Bouvier

Carrying It Forward

Essays from Kistahpinanihk

by (author) John Brady McDonald

Waci! Dance!

by (author) Sage Speidel
illustrated by Leah Dorion Dorion

Revival and Change

The 1957 and 1958 Diefenbaker Elections

by (author) John C. Courtney

Truth Telling

Seven Conversations about Indigenous Life in Canada

by (author) Michelle Good

Shop Class Hall Pass

Facing the Buried Trauma of Sexual Assault

by (author) Karin Martel

A Healthy Future

Lessons from the Frontlines of a Crisis

by (author) Ryan Meili

Among the Untamed

by (author) dee Hobsbawn-Smith


by (author) Ariel Gordon & Brenda Schmidt


by (author) Meghan Greeley

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