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Book Lists

Pageturners for the Holidays

"Not now, I'm reading!" Grab a blanket and a mug of hot chocolate: it's time to ignore your family, tune out the outside world, and enjoy these page-turning middle grade and YA novels.

by 49th Teachers

Very Rich

by (author) Polly Horvath

Cuckoo's Flight

by (author) Wendy Orr

Iron Widow

by (author) Xiran Jay Zhao

Forever Birchwood

A Novel

by (author) Danielle Daniel

The Oracle of Avaris

by (author) Alisha Sevigny

The Stone Child

The Misewa Saga, Book Three

by (author) David A. Robertson

Eight Days

by (author) Teresa Toten

The Limitless Sky

by (author) Christina Kilbourne

Elvis, Me, and the Lemonade Stand Summer

by (author) Leslie Gentile

Decoding Dot Grey

by (author) Nicola Davison

No Vacancy

by (author) Tziporah Cohen

Harvey Takes the Lead

by (author) Colleen Nelson
illustrated by Tara Anderson

Love from Mecca to Medina

by (author) S.K. Ali

In the Key of Dale

by (author) Benjamin Lefebvre

Silencing Rebecca

by (author) Nikki Vogel

Weird Rules to Follow

by (author) Kim Spencer

A House Unsettled

by (author) Trynne Delaney

The Case of the Rigged Race

by (author) Michael Hutchinson

Hidden on the High Wire

by (author) Kathy Kacer

Heartbreak Homes

by (author) Jo Treggiari