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Book Lists

Scot Ritchie: Pacific West Coast

I grew up in Vancouver, a good part of my childhood spent in the woods or down at the beach. My friends and I would build lean-tos on our day long visits to the bush. At Locarno beach we'd watch the tug boats tow huge log booms, wondering where they came from and where they were going. As I grew older I understood more about our forests, economy and waterways. After a chance meeting with a logger and a tug boat operator I realized I had all the elements I needed to write a fun and informative story book. I'm grateful to be able to address the future of logging in my new book TUG, as well as talk about how important forests and water are. In my lifetime we've learned a lot and are now listening to how the First Peoples understand nature and our connection to it. The books I've chosen share aspects of this. Most are located on the beautiful Pacific West Coast of Canada.

by Kerry Clare