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Book Lists

Step Outside: Jeffrey John Eyamie Recommends

Jeffrey John Eyamie writes: When you’re in the sleeper hold of a pandemic, it can be challenging to find silver linings and positivity in the darkness. But this COVID year has also been a year of revival for golf in Canada. While it was one of the first activities that allowed us to socialize after an arduous first wave, golf courses continued to operate at capacity through the summer and into a late fall. It looks like record levels of participation in the sport, by people of all ages and skill levels. People rediscovered golf. I hope that means more people have discovered what I was exploring as I wrote Still Me: A Golf Tragedy in 18 Parts. There’s something about the act of golfing that makes the player step outside of themselves. It brings a new awareness to the golfer. It can be as big and meaningful as a human act can be. It can be fun, and difficult and an all-too-truthful Rorschach test, all at once. It can be funny and horrible. Tragicomic. In Still Me, Jim Khoury explores his memory of famous Canadian golf courses as he pieces together what exactly has happened to his treasured collection of embroidered shirts. Here are a few of the books that I think may have been floating about in my own memory as I wrote Still Me. You’ll note that there are no golf novels, and just one golf book, on this list! There aren’t that many out there. If you’ve got a Canadian golf novel to recommend, I’m all ears! (Literally, I’m all ears, look at my author pic)

by Kerry Clare · Tagged golf, still me