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The Minerva Reader Recommends

I'm a Canadian author of nine books, all published by Inanna Publications. The Minerva Reader is my review site featuring unsung heroes or treasured books you might have missed. All the books in this list have been reviewed on The Minerva Reader. The site was launched in 2017 and all books are by Canadian authors and I try to support Canadian authors and publishers as much as I can. I also interview authors on Goodreads with my blog Interview With An Author, a fun initiative – six questions for each author and the answers are fascinating! I hope you will enjoy the list of books below – it doesn't cover all the books that are on The Minerva Reader but it does include 2019 to the present. I hope you will enjoy them!

by Lisa de Nikolits · Tagged CanLit, literary, books, crime, poetry, thrillers

Blue Bear Woman

by (author) Virginia Bordeleau
translated by Ouriou Susan & Christelle Morelli

We All Will Be Received

by (author) Leslie Vryenhoek

My Totem Came Calling

by (author) Blessing Musariri & Thorsten Nesch

The Nothing That Is

Essays on Art, Literature and Being

by (author) Johanna Skibsrud

A Roll of the Bones

by (author) Trudy J. Morgan-Cole


On Fairy Tales, Disability, and Making Space

by (author) Amanda Leduc


by (author) Carolyne Van Der Meer

Strangers in the House

A Prairie Story of Bigotry and Belonging

by (author) Candace Savage

The Tender Birds

by (author) Carole Giangrande

Mistakes to Run With

My Story of Rebellion, Life on the Street, and Finding My Way

by (author) Yasuko Thanh

Road Warrior

by (author) Vivian Meyer

From the Ashes

My Story of Being Métis, Homeless, and Finding My Way

by (author) Jesse Thistle

A Harsh and Private Beauty

by (author) Kate Kelly

All We Knew But Couldn't Say

by (author) Joanne Vannicola

Proof I Was Here

by (author) Becky Blake


A Novel

by (author) Terry Fallis


A Robin MacFarland Mystery

by (author) Sky Curtis


A Robin MacFarland Mystery

by (author) Sky Curtis


A Robin MacFarland Mystery

by (author) Sky Curtis

The Ticking Heart

by (author) Andrew Kaufman

The Knockoff Eclipse

by (author) Melissa Bull

Steel Animals

by (author) S.K. Dyment

Nights on Prose Mountain

by (author) bp Nichol
edited by Derek Beaulieu

Irving Layton

Our Years Together

by (author) Harriet Bernstein

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