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Book Lists

Top Grade Spring 2018 Selections

New Canadian titles for children published in spring 2018.

by Top Grade · Tagged Canadian, school, library, children's, picture books, middle grade, young adult

Tree Song

by (author) Tiffany Stone
illustrated by Holly Hatam

Animals Illustrated: Bowhead Whale

by (author) Joanasie Karpik
illustrated by Sho Uehara

Siku and Kamik Like to Play

Inuktitut Edition

illustrated by Ali Hinch

What Happens Next

by (author) Susan Hughes
illustrated by Carey Sookocheff

Princess Angelica, Camp Catastrophe

by (author) Monique Polak
illustrated by Jane Heinrichs

Better Together

Creating Community in an Uncertain World

by (author) Nikki Tate

Krista Kim-Bap

by (author) Angela Ahn

Alex and The Other

Weird Stories Gone Wrong

by (author) Philippa Dowding


by (author) Jacqueline Halsey

Dragonfly Song

by (author) Wendy Orr


by (author) Shane Arbuthnott

The Disappearing Boy

by (author) Sonia Tilson

The Sockeye Mother

by (author) Hetxw’ms Gyetxw Brett D. Huson
illustrated by Natasha Donovan

When We Were Shadows

by (author) Janet Wees


by (author) Megan Gail Coles

Can Your Outfit Change the World?

by (author) Erinne Paisley

Big Water

by (author) Andrea Curtis

Casting Lily

by (author) Holly Bennett

Fire Song

by (author) Adam Garnet Jones

Pemmican Wars

by (author) Katherena Vermette
illustrated by Scott B. Henderson & Donovan Yaciuk

Finding John Rae

by (author) Alice Jane Hamilton