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Book Lists

2014: Our Books of the Year

You're probably already railing about the proliferation of year-end best-of lists cluttering up your social media feeds of late, but we promise you that this one is a little different for the rest. How? First, because we're expert list-makers here at 49th Shelf, and we're doing it all year around, so you can trust our judgement. And second, because we've created our list by selecting titles we know that readers have adored and whose authors have contributed to our site in amazing ways this year. And just a note: this list is only the beginning of the huge number of fantastic Canadian titles that were published in 2014. Please do explore our site to find out about so many others, not to mention the great books that were published last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, etc. We promise that you will never ever run out of great things to read.

by Kerry Clare · Tagged books of the year, 2014