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Book Lists

RMB: The Manifestos

RMB has created one of the most unique, non-fiction series in Canadian publishing. The books in this collection are literary, critical and cultural studies that are provocative, passionate and populist in nature. The goal is to encourage debate and help facilitate change whenever and wherever possible. Books in this uniquely packaged, hardcover series are limited to a minimum / maximum of 20,000 - 25,000 words. They're enlightening to read and attractive to hold. Perfect to display in your library, bookstore or personal collection.

by RMB | Rocky Mountain Books · Tagged environment, politics, nature, ecology, essays

Technology and Sustainability

by (author) Peter Denton

An Altar in the Wilderness

by (author) Kaleeg Hainsworth

The Columbia River Treaty

A Primer

by (author) Robert William Sandford, Deborah Harford & Jon O'Riordan

Flood Forecast

Climate Risk and Resiliency in Canada

by (author) Kerry Freek & Robert William Sandford

On Fracking

by (author) C. Alexia Lane

Saving Lake Winnipeg

by (author) Robert William Sandford

The Earth Manifesto

Saving Nature with Engaged Ecology

by (author) David Tracey

The Homeward Wolf

by (author) Kevin Van Tighem

Becoming Water

Glaciers in a Warming World

by (author) Michael Demuth

Digging the City

An Urban Agriculture Manifesto

by (author) Rhona McAdam

Gift Ecology

Reimagining a Sustainable World

by (author) Peter Denton

Little Black Lies

Corporate & Political Spin in the Global War for Oil

by (author) Jeff Gailus

Ethical Water

Learning to Value What Matters Most

by (author) Robert William Sandford & Merrell-Ann Phare

The Incomparable Honeybee and the Economics of Pollination

Revised & Updated

by (author) Reese Halter

The Insatiable Bark Beetle

by (author) Reese Halter

The Beaver Manifesto

by (author) Glynnis Hood

The Grizzly Manifesto

In Defence of the Great Bear

by (author) Jeff Gailus

Denying the Source

The Crisis of First Nations Water Rights

by (author) Merrell-Ann Phare

The Weekender Effect

Hyperdevelopment in Mountain Towns

by (author) Robert William Sandford