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Sports Lit

Literary sports and adventure books Here are some out of print titles that could be included on this list. I've been able to buy some of them online: SHOELESS JOE by WP Kinsella INSIDE THE POSTAL BUS by Michael Barry LE METIER by Michael Barry BLACK TIGHTS: WOMEN, SPORT AND SEXUALITY by Laura Robinson CROSSING THE LINE: SEXUAL ASSAULT IN CANADA'S NATIONAL SPORT by Laura Robinson COLD OCEANS by Jon Turk FAIL BETTER by Mark Kingwell For more about my interest in Sports Lit copy & paste this link:

by Barbara McVeigh · Tagged sports & recreation, sports, adventure

Bone Cage, The

by (author) Angie Abdou

Amazon Extreme

Three Ordinary Guys, One Rubber Raft, and the Most Dangerous River on Earth

by (author) Colin Angus & Ian Mulgrew

Lost in Mongolia

Rafting the World's Last Unchallenged River

by (author) Colin Angus


My Summer in the Italian Minor Leagues

by (author) Dave Bidini


A Team, a Fan, and His City

by (author) Dave Bidini

On a Cold Road

Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock

by (author) Dave Bidini

The Best Game You Can Name

by (author) Dave Bidini

Tropic Of Hockey

My Search for the Game in Unlikely Places

by (author) Dave Bidini


A Poem in the Magic Number 9

by (author) George Bowering

Baseball Love

by (author) George Bowering

Home Game

Hockey and Life in Canada

by (author) Ken Dryden & Roy MacGregor

You Could Believe in Nothing

by (author) Jamie Fitzpatrick

Midnight Hockey

All About Beer, the Boys, and the Real Canadian Game

by (author) Bill Gaston

The Hockey Sweater

by (author) Roch Carrier
illustrated by Sheldon Cohen
translated by Sheila Fischman

Twenty Miles

by (author) Cara Hedley

The Shadow Boxer

by (author) Steven Heighton

Cold-cocked: On Hockey

by (author) Lorna Jackson

Salvage King, Ya

by (author) Mark Anthony Jarman

Japanese Baseball

by (author) W.P. Kinsella

Magic Time

by (author) W.P. Kinsella

The Thrill Of The Grass

by (author) W.P. Kinsella

Child's Play

Rediscovering the Joy of Play in Our Families and Communities

by (author) Silken Laumann

Fatal Tide

When The Race Of A Lifetime Goes Wrong

by (author) David Leach

Night Work: The Sawchuk Poems

The Sawchuk Poems

by (author) Randall Maggs

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