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Top Grade: Fall 2011

Top Grade titles featured in fall 2011.

by Top Grade · Tagged school, library, K-8, Canadian, children's, YA


by (author) Susan Vande Griek
illustrated by Karen Reczuch

Keep Out!

by (author) Helene Boudreau

Bernadette in the Doghouse

by (author) Susan Glickman

The Little Yellow Bottle

by (author) Angèle Delaunois
illustrated by Christine Delezenne

Binky Under Pressure

illustrated by Ashley Spires

Where Do Recyclable Materials Go?

Read Think Recycle

by (author) Sabbithry Persad

Operation: Reuse It!

Read Think Reuse

by (author) Sabbithry Persad
illustrated by Jenny Campbell

Sir Seth Thistlethwaite and the Kingdom of the Caves

Book 2

by (author) Richard Thake
illustrated by Vince Chui

The Dead Kid Detective Agency

by (author) Evan Munday

Taylor Swift

Every Day Is a Fairytale – The Unofficial Story

by (author) Liv Spencer

Love Bites

The Unofficial Saga of Twilight

by (author) Liv Spencer

Guru Nanak /hc

The First Sikh Guru

by (author) Rina Singh
illustrated by Andree Pouliot

A Stranger at Home

A True Story

by (author) Christy Jordan-Fenton & Margaret Pokiak-Fenton

To Hope and Back

The Journey of the St. Louis

by (author) Kathy Kacer

Chasing the White Witch

by (author) Marina Cohen

Muinjij Becomes a Man

by (author) Saqamaw Misel Joe

Broken Trail

by (author) Jean Rae Baxter

Torn from Troy

Odyssey of a Slave

by (author) Patrick Bowman

Run Marco, Run

by (author) Norma Charles

Beyond Repair

by (author) Lois Peterson

Breakfast on a Dragon's Tail

and other Book Bites

by (author) Martin Springett

The Caribou Feed Our Soul

“étthén bet'á dághíddá

by (author) Mindy Willett & Peter Enzoe
photographs by Tessa Macintosh


by (author) Norah McClintock

Legend of the Paymaster's Gold

by (author) Jo Shawyer

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