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Book Lists

Books of the public galleries of Canada

Public galleries and art museums throughout Canada publish exceptional books on art. These are some of them. Browse the list or search all of Bookshelf by gallery name, e.g. Vancouver Art Gallery or Art Gallery of Alberta.

by Robert Labossiere · Tagged CAMDO, exhibition catalogue, monograph


Attila Richard Lukacs and Michael Morris

by (artist) Attila Richard Lukacs & Michael Morris

Art At Work

Corporate Collecting Practices Today

by (author) Geraldine Davis & Robert Freeman

Amin Rehman

White Wash

by (author) Ken Giles & Ali Amira

Abraham Anghik Ruben

Shaman's Dreams

by (author) Roslyn Tunis & Robert Freeman

Snap, Crackle, Pop

by (author) Josephine Mills & Riva Symko

Safe Home

The Coutts Gift Featuring the Nanton Project by Geoffrey James

by (author) Jim Coutts, Geoffrey James & Josephine Mills

Davida Kidd

Who Needs Art When You Have a View Like This

by (author) Josephine Mills & Sophie Brodovitch

Our Changing Landscape

Perspectives on and Interpretations of British Columbia

edited by Sophie Brodovitch & Jennifer Cane
by (author) Darrin J. Martens

The Intertidal Zone

Prints by Doug Guildford

by (author) Darrin J. Martens

Facing History

Portraits from Vancouver

edited by Karen Love

Vernon Ah Kee

Blow Your House In

by (author) Michelle LaVallee

Ellen Moffat

Comp Ose

foreword by Kent Archer

Raising Frankenstein

Curatorial Education and Its Discontents

edited by Kitty Scott

Drama and Desire

Art and Theatre from the French Revolution to the First World War

edited by Guy Cogeval & Beatrice Avanzi


Works 1958-2011

by (author) Alexander Alberro
edited by David Moos

Jack Chambers

Light, Spirit, Time, Place and Life

edited by Dennis Reid

Julian Schnabel

Art and Film

with David Moos

KC Adams

Transcendence - cyborg hibrida genitalis humanitas

by (author) Jennifer Woodbury, Jenny Western & Cathy Mattes

Kai Chan

A Spider's Logic / La logique de l'araign?e

by (author) Sarah Quinton, Shannon Anderson & Charles Guilbert

Ivan Wheale

An Artist's Journey

by (author) Krysta Telenko

Eric Cameron

A Conceptual Approach

by (author) Eric Cameron

Grafik Dynamo

Kate Armstrong and Michael Tippett

by (author) Joseph Tabbi

Brendan Fernandes

until we fear less

by (author) Melissa Bennett

Europe's Exoticized East

Orientalist Art of the 19th Century

by (author) Patrick Shaw Cable

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