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John Wisdomkeeper

I was taken from my Native mother at birth and adopted by a white family. I wasn't told about my ancestry until I was in my teens and was able to see a copy of my birth and adoption papers. It was then that I learned my birth mother was Native and French and my unknown father was listed as North American Native. I also learned that my birth mother was from the north country of British Columbia, descended from the Sekani Nation (which means 'mountain people'.) The Sekani are medicine healers. Along the Red Road is dedicated to all the travelers I met as I traveled the pathways of both the dark and the red road. This book is from my heart to the many elders who shared their spiritual experiences and who embrace their cultures in the ways they live. My Indian name Sus' naqua ootsin' (Wisdomkeeper) was given to me by a 100 year old lady who looked deep into my eyes and pulled the name from my soul. It was on one of the darkest days of my life, when I struggled with the desire to end it all, that I put on a pair of red running shoes and began to follow the road.

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