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Lesley Strutt


Lesley Strutt was a poet, playwright, essayist, novelist, and blogger (1953-2021). The League of Canadian Poets and Lesley's community of Merrickville, Ontario have organized the Lesley Strutt Poetry Fund, which supports The Lesley Strutt Annual Poetry Contest and The Lesley Strutt Chapbook for Emerging Poets over 40. A Poet's Bench has also been established in her honour in her village of Merrickville. Lesley's writing has appeared in anthologies, e-zines, as well as journals such as Montreal Serai; CV2; Prairie Fire; Ottawater; The Literary Review; Bywords; and Canadian Woman Studies/les cahiers de la femme. Her chapbook Small as Butterflies won the 2015 Tree Chapbook prize. Her YA novel, On the Edge, was published to in 2019. Window Ledge is Lesley's debut poetry collection.

Books by Lesley Strutt