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Tunnels of Terror

Moose Jaw Time Travel Adventure #2

by (author) Mary Harelkin Bishop

edited by Deana Driver

illustrated by Wendi Nordell

DriverWorks Ink
Initial publish date
Oct 2021
General, Canada
Recommended Age
9 to 18
Recommended Grade
4 to 12
  • Paperback / softback

    Publish Date
    Oct 2021
    List Price

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The last thing Andrea wants to do is go back to Moose Jaw – especially into the terrifying tunnels beneath its streets! But after agreeing to accompany her little brother, Tony, to visit their grandparents in Moose Jaw, she gets drawn back into those dark tunnels with him. Soon, Andrea and Tony have both fallen back in time to the dangerous days of the 1920s and are caught in a scary scenario with a gang of criminals. Can they find their courage to expose the crooks for their dastardly deeds? And even if they can, will Tony and Andrea be stuck in the past forever?

This updated second book in the popular children’s adventure series features language that has been modernized since the book’s initial release by Coteau Books in 2002. Readers and educators will also enjoy the addition of 10 black and white illustrations, Historical Notes, Useful Resources, Q and A with the Author, Discussion Questions, and You be the Writer sections.

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WENDI NORDELL has been drawing for as long as she could hold a pencil. It has always been a favourite pastime and eventually became an occasional job. While her three children were growing up, she painted many murals, including the pediatrics wing in a hospital, a school entrance, and in many homes. She also attended festivals and craft shows, selling hand-drawn gift cards, bookmarks, and illustrations. Now that her children are grown, she has pursued an illustration career, illustrating a dozen books in the last five years, mostly for children, but also including Edward Willett's science-fiction and fantasy poetry collection I Tumble Through the Diamond Dust. Recently, Wendi decided to improve her artistic skills and abilities by returning to the Alberta University of the Arts, pursuing a degree in illustration. Wendi has almost always picked up books based on their cover art, and if there are illustrations inside the book she thinks that’s even better. She truly hopes that her illustrations enhance readers' experience with books--including this one!

Wendi Nordell's profile page

Excerpt: Tunnels of Terror: Moose Jaw Time Travel Adventure #2 (by (author) Mary Harelkin Bishop; edited by Deana Driver; illustrated by Wendi Nordell)


“He’s coming after me! Help!” Andrea was frozen to the spot, her face ghostly pale, her mouth hanging open in shock. “He’s after me!”
The armoire stood open, revealing a gaping hole in the wall in front of her. The air sizzled with an electrical aura. She willed her feet to move, to carry her to safety, but they refused to obey. A long arm snaked out of the darkness and clutched her shirt, dragging her into the black hole.
Andrea couldn’t see the face; it was shrouded in inky blackness, but she recognized the menacing laugh and it sent chills of fear chasing up and down her spine. “Help!” she screamed. Another hand clamped itself over her mouth as she was pulled down the few stairs and into the dank tunnel. She whipped her head around and managed to free her lips. “Leave me alone!” she yelled.
Using her feet, Andrea aimed a kick at his shins. He cursed loudly in her ear and loosened his grip, and she slid to her knees on the tunnel floor. Andrea heard the rustle of clothing and then an ominous click, the sound the hammer of a gun makes just before it is fired. In the faint light of the lantern hanging nearby, she caught the glinting of metal as Ol’ Scarface pointed the gun at her head. “You was bad news right from the start, girlie. Ya caused me and my gang a heap a trouble. I don’t know why I waited this long ta do ya in. I’m just sorry I gotta do it myself. I don’t like ta get my hands dirty.” Andrea cowered at his feet. Her heart pounded in her chest so loudly that the vibration echoed in her eardrums.
She was a goner this time. Her luck had run out. She would die in this grimy tunnel under Moose Jaw, and no one would ever find her. Her parents would never know what had happened to her.
Sudden fury at her no-win situation and the injustice of it all caused Andrea to act. Even before she knew what she was doing, she had picked up a handful of dirt and whipped it into his face. He yelled and cursed, coughing on the dust. It was the chance Andrea needed. She scrambled to her feet and ran through the narrow tunnel, fleeing for her life. Panic made her feet fly, but the tunnel was endlessly long and there was no place to hide, and nowhere to turn. She didn’t recognize this tunnel. It should have twisted and curved, joining the larger one. This was one long tunnel that seemed to go on to infinity and she was sure that she was lost. With no place to hide, and no way to get to the surface, she knew Ol’ Scarface – aka Al Capone – would catch her eventually, for she was weakening and growing tired.
“Grab her!” she heard him yell. She turned to stare into the black void. Another man materialized from the tunnel wall, reaching out to grab her as she passed. His rough hand snagged her wrist. He stared at her with beady eyes, a thin black moustache accenting thin lips. She didn’t recognize him. He held her prisoner as Ol’ Scarface approached, every step causing panic to flood her stomach...

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