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The Young Entrepreneur

How to Start A Business While You’re Still a Student

by (author) Swish Goswami & Quinn Underwood

Kogan Page
Initial publish date
May 2022
Entrepreneurship, Business & Economics, Personal Success, Motivational
Recommended Age
16 to 18
Recommended Grade
11 to 12
  • Paperback / softback

    Publish Date
    May 2022
    List Price
  • Hardback

    Publish Date
    May 2022
    List Price
    $56.00 USD

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If you have a great start-up idea and know how to think like an entrepreneur, but are still at college or university, then this book will show you how to run your business without having to drop out.
Research shows that Generation Z are the most entrepreneurial generation yet. If you don't want to wait until you graduate before launching the next big thing, then this book - written by successful young entrepreneurs Swish Goswami and Quinn Underwood - is for you.
Packed with practical and realistic advice The Young Entrepreneur really cuts through the noise surrounding business innovation and makes a clear case for starting your own company while you're young. Featuring inspiring examples and invaluable resources to give you the tools you need, this book is your one-stop guide to jump-start your entrepreneurial journey.

About the authors

Swish Goswami, 24, is the CEO of Trufan, a tech company building products that improve brand engagement while respecting a consumer's right to privacy and compensation. His company has made two acquisitions, raised over $4.1M to date (from several NBA players and venture firms) and has clients like Sony Music, L'Oreal, Netflix, NBA, NFL, and a plethora of small to medium sized businesses.
Swish has given three TEDx talks and is an investor/advisor through his angel fund AGEX Capital (investments include Faze Clan, Wombo, Upstream, etc). Swish has a personal following of over 200,000 and enjoys speaking around the world under North America's prestigious bureau Speakers Spotlight. For his entrepreneurial and philanthropic achievements, Swish was inducted into Plan Canada's Top 20 under 20, recognized as LinkedIn's Top Voice and Startup Canada's Young Entrepreneur of the Year and awarded the United Nation's Outstanding Youth Leadership award.

Swish Goswami's profile page

Quinn Underwood, 24, is the CEO of Autumn, a privacy-first platform that leverages AI to help users passively measure and manage their mental health in real-time through analysis of digital behaviour. Because what you can't measure, you can't manage. His company has raised more than $2 million in venture capital from some of the top VCs in North America, and works with many of the fastest growing companies in North America.
Previously, Quinn was a co-founder of ADVIN, a health-tech company he co-founded and helped scale across Bangladesh and India. During his time there, he helped grow the team to more than 20 employees, and served more than 150,000 patients, while in his second and third year at the University of Toronto.

Quinn Underwood's profile page

Editorial Reviews

"Essential for any aspiring entrepreneur who wants to understand not only how to start a business but what it takes to be an entrepreneur."

Ryan Holmes, Founder of Hootsuite

"Swish and Quinn have the unique ability to take complex business topics and make it simple so that people are not only inspired but truly feel it is accessible to them. This book is truly a gift to the future generation of leaders."

Rachel David, Founder of Hashtag Communications

"Swish has consistently championed building a business while you're young and he's the best example of why anyone can do it. Entrepreneurship is an incredibly challenging path to take, but at the same time, the most rewarding thing one can do if they love creating opportunities and solving real problems. Swish's framework makes it easy for everyone to understand and get started."

Jason Wong, Founder of Pughaus

"I love that The Young Entrepreneur not only dives into the ABCs of starting a business but also the intangibles of the journey: mental health, personal branding, networking, etc. It's truly a comprehensive guide for the aspiring entrepreneur!"

Dax DaSilva, Founder of Lightspeed Commerce

"Swish and Quinn are some of the best operators I know of any age. Their advice and anecdotes in The Young Entrepreneur are not just a must-read for people looking to build a business from scratch. They are also ideal for people who are looking to grow their personal brand and network."

Ravi Krishnan, Chairman and Founder of Stepathlon and Former Managing Director of IMG Sth Asia

"Entrepreneurship requires you to step into various roles at once. Building a product and growing a team is an experience that requires grit, determination, and resilience. While it requires you to take calculated risks, it is one of the most rewarding experiences. Quinn and Swish share practical steps and approaches to building a business from scratch. Sharing their knowledge will encourage and equip the next generation of young entrepreneurs globally. The Young Entrepreneur provides a foundational framework to building a business with meaning and purpose."

Ravina Anand, Co-Founder of FLIK

"Entrepreneurship fosters a critical set of skills every young person needs - curiosity (about a problem space), ingenuity (to solve the problem), tenacity (in the face of challenges), empathy (for the customer), and storytelling (so the world understands what you're trying to do!). Through practical guidance and tangible stories, The Young Entrepreneur is a must-read!"

Cheesan Chew, COO of RBC Ventures

"They are Canada's most influential young entrepreneurs and I can think of nobody better to provide insight and inspiration to students of all ages. Swish and Quinn's entrepreneurial instincts and appetite are one of the many things that set them apart and their passion for giving back to the student community is unparalleled."

Tim Will Hyde, CEO of TWH Media

"Swish and Quinn's entrepreneurial pursuits began at a very young age, and I am continuously inspired by all that they accomplish. It is essential that we teach entrepreneurship to college students, so that they feel empowered to begin creating a positive difference in the world. Swish is the epitome of someone who didn't wait for others to tell him he was ready to begin making a difference - they just did it! We need more young people to follow in their footsteps."

Ann Makosinski, inventor and Forbes 30 Under 30

"Youth entrepreneurship is vital to any economy and I love that Swish breaks down in simple, easy-to-understand language how any student can start a business even if they are limited by time or money."

Manny Padda, Managing Partner of LOI Venture

"Swish and Quinn have been inspiring young people around the globe for some time now. I couldn't think of a duo better suited than Swish and Quinn to write a book like this."

John Patrick Mullin, Co-Founder of MANTRA DAO

"Written by two active CEOs, The Young Entrepreneur is the perfect guide for turning your idea into a reality. Actionable, relatable, authentic - a must-read for any aspiring entrepreneur."

Allen Gannett, author of The Creative Curve and angel investor in 70+ companies

"It's a real treat that Swish and Quinn took the time to write down their perspectives, lessons, and advices in a book that will surely inspire and pave the way for the next generation of entrepreneurs."

Esther Vlessing, President of Canada Emergency Medical Manufacturers