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Speak-Up Culture

When Leaders Truly Listen, People Step Up

by (author) Stephen Shedletzky

Page Two Books, Inc.
Initial publish date
Oct 2023
Workplace Culture, Management, Leadership
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    Oct 2023
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If you listen, they will speak
We know the impacts of poor leadership: lackluster performance, missed opportunities, deleterious cultures, and, in some cases, disaster. While these issues are all too common, leaders also possess an immense opportunity. They can create a speak-up culture, one in which people feel it is both safe and worth it to share their ideas, concerns, disagreements, and even mistakes—all for the betterment of the organization.
Speak-Up Culture is for leaders at all levels― from senior executives who believe in putting people and purpose first; to mid-level supervisors who wish to lead better and nurture the voice of their people; to aspiring leaders who want to uncover their strengths and better provide support to those in their span of care. All these leaders share a common desire to know a better way to behave as a leader. They want to operate in a team and culture where people are engaged and willingly speak up, for the success of the whole organization.
Stephen Shedletzky has focused his career on helping leaders listen to and nurture the voices of others— to foster an environment where people feel heard and that they, their opinion, and their contributions matter. Speak-Up Culture shows you how creating such an environment is the responsibility and the advantage of every leader who wants to be great at leading, and who wants to create a better version of humanity while they do. Because the bottom line is that organizations with speak-up cultures are safer, more innovative, more engaged, and better-performing than their peers.

About the author

Contributor Notes

Stephen Shedletzky—or “Shed” to his friends— helps leaders make it safe and worth it for people to speak up. He supports humble leaders—those who know they are both a part of the problems they experience and the solutions they can create— as they put their people and purpose first. A sought-after speaker, coach, and advisor, Shed has led hundreds of keynote presentations, workshops, and leadership development programs around the world. As a thought-leader on psychological safety in the workplace, he works with leaders in all industries where human beings work.
After years on a corporate track, Shed was introduced to and inspired by the work of best-selling author and TED speaker Simon Sinek and, soon after meeting him, became the fourth person to join his team. For more than a decade, Shed contributed at Simon Sinek, where, as Chief of Staff and Head of Brand Experience, Training & Product Development, he led a global team of speakers and facilitators.
Shed graduated from the Richard Ivey School of Business with a focus on leadership, communication, and strategy. He received his coaching certification from The Co-Active Training Institute. He lives in Toronto with his wife and two young children

Editorial Reviews

"Leaders who acknowledge and meet people in their emotional state have the agility to thrive in this uncertain and complex world. With his engaging, funny, and compelling style, Stephen Shedletzky guides us on how to make it safe and worth it for people to speak up."

author of Wall Street Journal bestseller <i>Emotional Agility</i>

"Stephen Shedletzky reminds us that a speak-up culture exists only when all voices are included, valued, and heard. This is an important read for anyone committed to being a more inclusive leader."

bestselling author of <i>Reimagine Inclusion</i>

"The ability to have a speak-up culture is a critical element for any high-performing team, especially when the stakes are high. Stephen Shedletzky not only highlights the importance of a speak-up culture, but he also lays out the elements, building blocks, and behaviors leaders need to build one."

Ret. Navy SEAL Commander and bestselling author of <i>The Attributes</i>

"Laid out in a clear, concise, and organized manner, and rich in practical, positive ways to encourage a speak-up culture and its benefits, Shedletzky’s guide has been crafted to cultivate growth, healthy communication, and better workplace interactions and relationships."

Publisher's Weekly

"The first step to creating the kind of psychological safety your team needs to succeed is to solicit feedback and listen with the intent to understand, not respond, when you get it. But that’s easier said than done. Stephen Shedletzky will walk you through exactly how to listen so your team will speak up and step up. Essential!"

bestselling author of <i>Radical Candor</i>

"Important topic, thoughtfully developed. Beautifully written. Speak-Up Culture is practical, engaging, and wise. A must-read for any leader who wants to cultivate the psychological safety required for people to speak up."

Novartis Professor of Leadership at Harvard Business School and author of <i>Right Kind of Wrong: The Science of Failing Well </i>