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My Grandfather, My Grandmother and Doggie

by (author) Micheal (Mah'koos) Merrier

Grey Goose Press Inc.
Initial publish date
Nov 2023
General, Dogs
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    Nov 2023
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In the 1950's, in Northern Alberta, by Calling Lake, Little Cub lived with his grandfather – Moshom (Cree Grandpa), and his grandmother – Kokum (Cree Grandma). Times were different then but when it came time to pick out a puppy, Moshoom taught Little Cub how to pick the most intelligent dog out of a litter. Moshom said, "Sometimes, we have to let the puppy choose us. The one that comes to you may be the dog you should choose. If you want one that is smart, you open the pup's mouth to see if they have a black roof and black around their tongue."

About the author

Contributor Notes

(Michael Merrier) known by his traditional name of Mah'koos is an acknowledged Canadian Métis Elder from Northern Alberta and a 4th generation Shaman and Spiritual Guide. The name Mah'koos, meaning bear cub (or Little Cub), was given to him to recognize his contribution. In addition, he is a seasoned keynote speaker and workshop presenter. His "Medicine Wheel Training" workshop has been presented at leading education centers across Canada. In addition to his numerous workshops, Mah'koos contributes knowledge via sweat lodge, drum, rock, crystal, eagle feather, sweetgrass, canoe, Ojibway and star blanket teachings, and Finding Voices in a Sacred Circle, Talking Circle and Forgiveness Circle.

Excerpt: My Grandfather, My Grandmother and Doggie (by (author) Micheal (Mah'koos) Merrier)

One winter day, Little Cub and Doggie were visiting some school friends out in the country. They had so much fun, and then Little Cub realized the sun was going down fast. Soon the daylight was gone, and Little Cub realized they had to go through the dark forest. Little Cub and Doggie lived about five miles through the forest. There was a smooth road made by a team of horses with bobsleds. Doggie ran as hard as he could, pulling Little Cub along this road while Little Cub hid as much as he could in the toboggan. There were all kinds of noises in the dark forest as they flew along. There were coyotes, owls and other unknown scary things. Finally, Doggie stopped, and when Little Cub looked up, they were in front of their house. He jumped off the toboggan and hugged Doggie, grateful to be home safe.